Back in April 2022, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson promised to send to Ukraine about 80 armored vehicles. Then it was an armored patrol car Mastiff PPV and a fast raid car Jackal. As it turned out, the aid package also included heavy Wolfhound support vehicles. And they are already in Ukraine.

Wolfhound (Heavy Tactical Support Vehicle) is a heavy tactical support vehicle based on the same Cougar platform as the Mastiff PPV, Badger ILAV, Ridgback PPV, Timberwolf, and other modifications in armies around the world. The platform for Wolfhound is manufactured by the American Force Protection Inc, and the British NP Aerospace installs armor and electronics on the car. Wolfhound also fought in Afghanistan, and in total Her Majesty’s Armed Forces ordered 130 such vehicles for use as cannon tractors and logistics machines. Just right to pull 105mm L118 howitzers.

British Wolfhound armored vehicles received by the Armed Forces

You just look at how Ukrainians are mastering new technology.

Weight – 17.2 tons
Length – 7.08 m
Width – 2.74 m
Height – 2.64 m
Crew – 2 + 10
Armor – comprehensive protection .50 cal, MRAP from explosives weighing up to 15 kg
Weapons – machine gun caliber 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm, or automatic grenade launcher caliber 40 mm
Engine – Caterpillar C-7
Power – 330 hp (243 kW)
Suspension – 6 × 6
Ground clearance – 410 mm
Operating range – 966 km
Speed ​​- 90 km/ h