A modern thermal imaging matrix of the French manufacturer Lynred found in Russian UAV Orlan-10

The Ukrainian military managed to capture almost intact one of the newest versions of the Russian reconnaissance drone Orlan 10. Unlike older models that use regular amateur Canon 650D SLR , the new Orlan 10 has a modern thermal imaging matrix. Thanks to InfoCar journalist Pavlo Kashchuk we were able to find out its manufacturer.

However, it should be noted that the newer version of the Orlan 10 is better than previous versions, the quality of the body is higher, in addition, it has a built-in parachute, thanks to which the drone lands.

Also in this modification Orlan 10 uses a thermal imaging camera, which allows it to detect targets both day and night. Like almost all the details of this UAV, the camera module in it is imported – Lynred PYCO-640-046 (Ulis), made in France. And it is relatively new and was introduced in 2019. Thus, the Russians have somehow circumvented the sanctions imposed on them since 2014 after the occupation of Crimea and banned the export of dual-use goods to a number of countries.

The characteristics of this Lynred module clearly make it a military level product: 640 pixels resolution, frequency up to 120 hertz. It is a dual-use technology and is a licensed product that should be controlled by the French and Lynred itself, even if sold through third parties. The serial number on the camera can help the competent authorities in the EU to identify sanctions circumvention schemes and the companies involved.

The only non-imported element of the Orlan 10, apart from the case, is the MNP-M7 board, which is responsible for its orientation in space.

Interestingly, it allegedly has protection against electronic interference, but in practice is protected only by foil, which is attached to double-sided tape.

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