The Russians are threatening Ukrainians with laser weapons, which they do not have

Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the world has seen that most of Russia’s vaunted “no-analog miracle weapon” is rubbish and scrap metal. But the Russians do not stop being ashamed. This time, they are threatening Ukrainians with the most modern laser weapons that do not even exist, as stated by Defense Express.

Recently, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yurii Borisov, who is in charge of the Defense Industry complex, said the aggressor’s troops allegedly used Ukraine’s latest Zadira-16 laser weapon system, which “has the same destructive power as cruise missiles.”

But it seems to be a common Russian lie for domestic use, and another way to hide the theft of budget funds for “defense” because the vaunted Zadira-16 can be destroyed by Ukrainian subversive reconnaissance units and no one will find out the truth.

According to Defense Express experts, the first and last time the Russians mentioned the Zadira-16 system was at the end of 2017. For 5 years there have been no reports that at least a layout of this system has been created.

Of the “existing” models of laser weapons in Russia, we can mention only the complex 1K17 Szhatie, still a Soviet development, designed to “dazzle” optoelectronic devices of the enemy. Only one model of Szhatie was built, which was even tested in 1992, but due to its dubious practical value, this super equipment did not go into production. It seems that the work on 1K17 Szhatie and 1K11 Stilet (1982, 2 units produced) and formed the basis of Zadira-16.

Another Russian complex of laser weapons, Peresvet launched into production and even managed to test it in Syria. In total, there are as many as 5 such complexes in Russia, each of which has the size of a huge trailer with its generator. But the maximum that Peresvet is capable of is to shoot down small UAVs, and only in good weather. As even Russian propagandists say: “when there is no fog, no sandstorm, no precipitation, that is, in ideal conditions.”

But nothing is known about the mythical Zadira-16, as if it does not exist. Most likely it is so.

To see what a real working energy weapon looks like, you should pay attention to the Israeli complex Iron Beam, which we have already written about.

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