Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update IX: Italy and Malta has been released. But there is still no new aircraft

Next after World Update VIII: Iberia Microsoft Flight Simulator update is dedicated to Italy and Malta and of course is called World Update IX: Italy and Malta. And it is as good as ever.

Data and design of 100 LI (Italy), LM (Malta) and LC (Cyprus) airports were updated. Detailed models of Palermo, Sondrio, Marina di Campo and Bolzano airports have appeared. Photogrammetric data have been added to 13 cities: Turin, Bari, Naples, Venice, Rome, Milan, Perugia, Parma, Ancona, Pavia, Cittadella, Paestum and Padua. The game has 105 new points of interest – monuments, castles, lighthouses, palaces, churches and more. And the number of tasks has increased – 3 new flight routes by the points, 3 sightseeing flights and 3 difficult landings.

Interestingly, the planned release of a new aircraft in the Local Legends series scheduled at the same time with the release of World Update IX: Italy and Malta, the name of which the developers promised to reveal before the release… never happened. It would be funny (not really!) if it was our An-2 again, and that the release was disrupted for the second time by Antonov’s management.

On May 25, 2022, the release of the supplement Top Gun: Maverick is scheduled, dedicated to the release of the movie of the same name with Tom Cruise. The release of this picture has been postponed 5 times, together with the release of DLC for Microsoft Flight Simulator. So, we hope that this time it will not be put off again. Virtual pilots have been waiting for a long time for the promised working aircraft carrier and the opportunity to take off and land on it.

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