Desktop monitors with built-in webcams are still relatively uncommon, although the need for such a camera in recent times, with the widespread use of video conferencing at remote work, is quite high. Therefore, it is not surprising that new office models are gradually gaining this functionality.

One such novelty is the HP Z24m G3 – a 23.8-inch monitor with a 5-megapixel camera, focused, according to the manufacturer, on professional creators. The camera module, despite its appearance, is non-removable, but can be hidden behind the body. It is equipped with an infrared sensor (can be used to log in to the system with Windows Hello) and a proximity sensor which will lock the computer when the user leaves the workplace.

HP has announced a monitor with a webcam that keeps the user in frame

A unique feature of this webcam is the ability to track the position of the user and change the focus depending on his movement in front of the monitor. The description sounds very similar to the Center Stage technology that Apple announced for FaceTime on iPad Pro last year.

Other features of the HP Z24m G3 also sound good: a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels (23.8” diagonal, which gives a pixel density of 123 PPI, a dot size of 0.21 mm), a refresh rate of 90 Hz. The IPS panel has a maximum brightness of 400 nits, contrast – 1000: 1, color coverage is 99% sRGB space and 90% DCI-P3, the declared color accuracy – ΔE<2.

Of the additional functionality – a pair of built-in microphones with noise absorption and stereo speakers, which are directed downwards and remain invisible to the user. Interestingly, the monitor is powered via a USB-C port, so it can be used with laptops as a second screen.

The HP Z24m G3 is expected to go on sale in July this year. The company has not yet announced the recommended price for the monitor, but we can assume that it will be more expensive than another novelty – Z24q G3 (essentially the same, but without a webcam); this model is expected this month and will cost $374.