The special spiciness of the plot of First Kill is due to the fact that this is a reworked story of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. The events are transferred to the present, and Romeo and Juliet are both girls. In this case, one of them is a young vampire, and the other belongs to the clan of vampire hunters.

Parents send girls on their first hunt ever, they choose each other as prey… and fall in love. It is clear that the local Montecchi and Capuletti are strongly opposed, so the girls will have to fight with both clans, meanwhile trying not to kill each other.

The showrunner of the First Kill, the first season of which contains 8 episodes, will be the author of fantasy novels for teenagers Victoria Elizabeth Schwab. It was her short story The First Kill that formed the basis of the series.

Sarah Catherine Hook will play vampire Juliet Fermont and dark-skinned Imani Lewis will play vampire hunter Calliope Burns.

First Kill will be released on Netflix on June 10, 2022. As usual, all 8 episodes together.