MiHoYo, best known for its highly successful Genshin Impact, has announced a new project, another Action/RPG, Zenless Zone Zero.

Unlike Genshin Impact, the style of Zenless Zone Zero can be described as “urban fantasy” – the events of the game will unfold in the big city of New Eridu after the apocalyptic catastrophe seized by monsters. They enter our world through portals and have already destroyed almost all of humanity, except the population of this city, which has managed to find a way to withstand the onslaught from another dimension.

The player will manage a kind of “guide” who helps other people to explore the world on the other side of the portals – he will recruit fighters for his team from them. The developer promises different classes, the ability to combine the features of different characters to perform combos and roguelike elements.

The release date has not been announced yet, but anyone can already sign up for the closed beta test for iOS and PC at the official site .