Galaxy Vets Foundation, a non-profit division of the American network of veterinary clinics, has launched the Animal Help Ukraine initiative. As part of the project, veterinarians from the United States, as well as Canada, the United Kingdom and other countries, provide free online consultations to Ukrainian animal owners. You can talk to the vet at the project website .

Consultations take place in a chat, which is equipped with an automatic interpreter to overcome the language barrier between participants. Users of the platform have the opportunity to send a chat recording to their e-mail and return to it later.

Ukrainians can consult with professional veterinarians on any questions regarding the health of a pet or the care of a found animal. In particular:

  • Nutrition – how to find alternatives to conventional food in wartime and switch to natural products;
  • Animal calmness – how to reduce your pet’s anxiety and stress during explosions;
  • First aid – how to save an animal in extreme conditions;
  • Exotic animals – how to help those who need special care;
  • Medications – what to do in the absence of the necessary drug and what “human” equivalents can be used to treat animals.

The service also has its own library of materials and resources. There, Ukrainians will find advice on care and advice on maintaining the health of pets.

The purpose of the fund is to provide access to veterinary medicine to those who need it; to support the Ukrainian economy and help animals suffering from a humanitarian catastrophe. Galaxy Vets Foundation also provides financial and material assistance to animal shelters, zoos, volunteers, and other organizations. With funds raised from the international community, the foundation buys pet food, medicine, and other essential materials from local producers, and arranges for deliveries to areas that need it most. You can submit a request for assistance at: