According to the Chinese State News Agency CGTN, Chinese aerospace startup Deep Blue Aerospace has successfully tested the vertical takeoff and landing of its reusable liquid-fuel rocket.

The undisclosed launch vehicle rose to a height of more than 1 km, then landed deviating from the target by only 0.5 m. The horizontal movement, judging by the video, was no more than a few tens of meters.

Jiangsu Deep Blue Aerospace Technology Co. is a private space company established in 2016 in Jiangsu Province on the shores of the Yellow Sea. The company is developing a reusable Nebula-1 medium-range launch vehicle that uses a 20-ton- thrust kerolox (kerosene + liquid oxygen) engine Leiting-20 .

In October 2021, the company has already made a jump to a height of 100 m and achieved a successful vertical landing in the testing phase of the prototype Nebula M1 VTVL. In January 2022, the company received funding of almost $31.5 million.