Unfortunately, part of Ukraine’s territory is still temporarily occupied by Russian troops. In this way, the occupiers have access to cellular equipment and can interfere with communication networks. The Center for Countering Disinformation explained how to check it.

According to the JRS, listening is carried out by the method of “parallel” forwarding. If set, the call often goes to two numbers: the caller and another number. This “other number” can be set by the occupiers to listen to conversations.

Thus, any information obtained through a conversation (especially if there is a statement of a patriotic Ukrainian position during such a conversation) can lead to tragic consequences. Therefore, the JRS advises to communicate in messengers with encryption support.

It is also recommended to use the following service codes to check the established redirection in the Center:

*#21# call – check the information about the included forwarding.
*#43# call – status of the call waiting service.
*#62# call – check forwarding to another number.
*#33# call – displays the blocking status of outgoing services: calls, SMS and data.
##002# call – delete all call diverts.

Such codes are universal and will work on every device, regardless of brand or operating system.

You should also not only check your smartphones, but also tell your loved ones how to do it and help them if possible.

Stay safe!