Yes, the war is not over, we have not won yet, but some are already thinking about how to perpetuate the memory of innocent victims of Russian aggression. Ukrainian designer Ivan Ohiienko has created a project for the future Irpin memorial complex .

Everyone remembers the photo that was on all the first pages of world newspapers – the destroyed bridge over the river Irpin, under which residents of Bucha, Hostomel and Vorzel waited for the evacuation to Kyiv and hid from the shelling of Russian invaders. The designer proposes to preserve the remains of this bridge as a memorial, adding figures of people under it, and to build a new bridge next to it. Opposite the surviving part of the bridge, the designer proposes to build an embankment from which you can look at the monument.


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The concept looks really touching, reminiscent of some European monuments. But of course, we must first win this war, and then hold a full-fledged competition to build this monument.