Arcade puzzle NeuroWorm from the Graverobber Foundation, which has just been released on Steam is a real challenge to your spatial thinking and imagination. The fact is that this is almost a classic Snake, transferred to full 3D and cyberpunk setting.

According to the plot (this Snake has a plot), you play the role of a spy program, which should get to a secure server, and avoid security programs to steal important data. The servers in NeuroWorm are confusing 3D mazes, and the movement of our spy “worm” is done with significant delays to make it a little easier for players to navigate the 3D environment.

NeuroWorm, like previous Graverobber Foundation games, uses simplified wireframe graphics and a synthetic soundtrack. The developers of NeuroWorm are Ukrainians, so after the start of a full-scale invasion of the racist federation, they canceled the Russian localization of the game. Currently, the game has only an English version, but the authors plan to add other translations.