Updated: Playrix calls war in Ukraine a “special military operation” and threatens job candidates

The developer of mobile games Playrix, which is the largest game development company in Ukraine in terms of number of employees, got into a new scandal. Earlier, a company with Russian roots refused to leave the Russian market , and now, when looking for job candidates, they announce that a “special military operation” is going on in Ukraine. This was reported by a developer Dmytro Soroka on his Linkedin page and AIN media.

According to Dmytro Soroka, Playrix recruiters approached him with a job offer, but during a short correspondence they informed him of “an important part of corporate ethics.” It came down to the fact that it was forbidden to discuss the war in Ukraine within the company, which Playrix called a “special military operation” in the manner of Russian propaganda. The company motivates this by ensuring the safety of their employees in Russia, as if this should worry the Ukrainian developer.

Dmytro Soroka, of course, refused the vacancy, but this did not stop the Playrix recruiters, they began to write that “not everything is so clear and no one knows the whole truth.” At the end of the letter, they threatened that given the situation in Ukraine and Dmytro’s professional experience, he might regret his choice.

“Personally, I am ready to look for a job as much as I need to, just not to work with a company that puts its financial interests above thousands of lives”, commented Dmytro Soroka on the situation.

We should remind that despite having almost 1,500 employees from Ukraine, the company has not yet expressed its position on the Russian-Ukrainian war. On February 24, their leadership said Playrix was apolitical. And only after February 28, co-founders Igor and Dmitry Bukhman called the war a “tragedy” and urged to “stop the war.” However, the company continued to block employee communications about the war at Corporate Slack.

Updated: According to DOU, Playrix commented on the situation, the company did not mention the war in Ukraine, but said that correspondence with Dmytro Soroka was conducted from a fake e-mail address.

“Our team uses email addresses in the @ playrix.com domain to communicate with candidates. The domain mentioned in the correspondence does not belong to the company and was created a few days ago by persons unknown to us (www.namecheap.com / … lt? Domain = playrix.careers). We are very sorry that Dmytro was faced with such a situation, and we ask all our candidates to check the contacts of recruiters so as not to come across fake accounts, ” wrote Anna Simontseva, PR & Communications Manager at Playrix.

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