The first military stamp of Ukraine “Russian warship, go…!” received a rush of demand, huge queues for its purchase, and the online store of the national postal operator could not stand the number of people willing to buy it. The circulation of the stamp was only 1 million, and the rules of issuing stamps did not allow Ukrposhta to print additional circulations. However, the company found a way out and announced a new military stamp.

Ukrposhta announces new "Russian Warship… DONE" military stamp

Today Ukrposhta announced the release of the second stamp of this series – “Russian Warship… DONE”. The first stamp of the series is also presented within this block, so everyone who wants to have this symbol of history in their memory will get this opportunity, but not to send letters. Only the second stamp from the set will have Ukrainian and international denominations, so it can be used to send letters to friends in Ukraine and abroad. The circulation of the stamp will be 5 million copies, and the envelope 1 million.

Ukrposhta announces new “Russian Warship… DONE” military stamp

In the coming days, Ukrposhta plans to take into account the shortcomings in the launch of the first stamp, and provide an approximate schedule for the launch of a new one.