British and American scientists are analyzing the secret mechanism for long-range targeting of Su-35C Russian fighter. Their findings can greatly affect the way of air battles with Russia and China.

Ukrainian military shot down Su-35C two weeks ago by means of short-range missiles. Specialists of the Air Force of Ukraine removed still secret elements from the burned remains of the aircraft and reported this to British intelligence. Systems were transferred to the Defense Scientific and Technological Laboratory (DSTL), where British scientists together with two US Air Force experts studied them for ten days.

The primary estimate was promising, so the systems have been sent to Nevada, the United States for a more detailed study. Despite the fact that the plane received significant damage, its guidance system has been sufficient to analyze.

Su-35C aircraft, which received the code name “Flanker-E” in NATO, was conducting a so-called “anti-air defense suppression operation” when it was hit on April 3 near the city of Izium, 125 kilometers from Kharkiv. The fighter pilot captured after successful ejection.

Su-35C is a multifunctional fighter, Russia has 47 such aircraft. Also in 2015, China signed an agreement with Russia to purchase 24 fighters for $2 billion. The study of the aircraft by Western scientists can be a blow to the military leadership of both states.