The advent of electric cars with amazing power and acceleration speeds has caused a wave of rivalry between electric and conventional cars with internal combustion engines, and inside the categories as well. Of course, serial production cars mostly do not compete with electric opponents. But the competition does not stop.

This time Hagerty channel compared Tesla Model S Plaid, Lucid Air and almost the fastest sedan of its time – BMW M5 in the body of the E39. This is a legend for car fans, which has a 4.9-liter 8-cylinder engine with 400 hp. This, however, is not enough for the competition with Tesla (1020 hp) and Lucid (1111 hp).

In an attempt to balance the odds of starting the standard quarter-mile, the BMW was accelerated to 70 mph (112 km/h) and Tesla and Lucid had to accelerate from rest.

You can see for yourself whether such a head start played in favor of the internal combustion engine in this video (the race starts from the 2nd minute of recording):