For obvious reasons, we are a little inattentive to the events in the world of games, so we missed the announcement and trailer of the Korean RPG Project RYU in late March. But this is such an incredible beauty that we decided to show it to you, even though it’s a bit late.

Project RYU is a one-man RPG in a modern setting set in South Korea, according to the trailer, mostly in Seoul. The game, which uses Unreal Engine 5, is developed by a small indie team of only 6 people. Therefore, it is clear that neither the release date nor the platforms on which the game will appear have been announced yet.

Just watch this video… Here is Unreal Engine 5 in all its glory. With all its LUMEN and NANITE. The lighting and the number of polygons are really impressive. Against this realistic background, the cartoon model of the main character looks a bit alien.

Personally, I will follow the news about this project with interest. I will not be surprised if Project RYU takes Epic Games under its own wing.