A commemorative banknote “Glory to Ukraine” was issued in the Czech Republic. The design for it was created by an outstanding illustrator Eva Hašková, who has experience with similar projects. In particular, she worked on a banknote depicting Alois Rašín, a Czech statesman and founder of the national currency.

The banknote is decorated in blue and yellow colors. The front of the banknote depicts the Independence Monument, located in the heart of Kyiv. The reverse side depicts St. Sophia Cathedral and a map of Ukraine within internationally recognized borders. With ultraviolet lighting, the inscription “Glory to Ukraine” in Ukrainian and Czech can be seen on the banknote.

Commemorative banknote Glory to Ukraine issued in the Czech Republic

A total of 20,000 commemorative banknotes will be issued. The cost of one will be 1,500 crowns. All proceeds from the sale will be donated to Post Bellum, which raises funds to help Ukraine. You can buy the banknote at this link.