In Ukraine free TyHto mobile application was created to verify private individuals. It was developed by YouControl together with Artellence and the Security Service of Ukraine. 

The application will help instantly check individuals at checkpoints or on the streets during a curfew. It was created to help Territorial Defense, police, and other state authorities. They check a huge number of people every day and risk missing a suspicious person because they cannot always access data quickly. However, everyone can use the application.

YouControl has developed TyHto app to instantly check people

To check the person, you need to enter their name, passport series and number, date of birth into the app. You can also take a picture of a person and their photo in a passport so that the system checks if they are matching. 

In addition, the new application can check the car data by the registration plate. If the car is not reported stolen, it is possible to find out the brand, model, color, and year of release. This can help find cars with the strange registration plates.  

TyHto does not store and does not transmit personal data, but uses public data from open registers. With its help, you can check:

  • whether the photo in the passport matches the photo of the holder;
  • whether the passport is invalid or lost;
  • whether a person is a state fugitive;
  • whether the person is in the terrorist registry;
  • whether a person is sanctioned by the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine;
  • whether the person is in the list of military terrorists and diversion intelligence groups;
  • whether they are in Myrotvorets databse;
  • whether the car is reported stolen.

The application is free and accessible to all. Only the phone number is required for registration. TyHto is already available on Google Play та App Store