The legendary British rock band Pink Floyd, which has not played together since at least 2014, has reunited to record a single, the proceeds of which will go to Ukraine’s humanitarian needs.

The single Hey Hey Rise Up is a Pink Floyd-edited anthem of Ukrainian Sich Riflemen “Oh in the Meadow Red Viburnum… ”, which is based on the vocal part of Andriy Khlyvnyuk, the soloist of the Ukrainian band Boombox, which was recorded on a smartphone on Sofiivska Square in Kyiv after Andriy joined the Territorial Defense. Hey Hey Rise Up is Pink Floyd’s first original song from 1994.

Interestingly, the cover of the single with sunflowers, created by Cuban artist Yosan Leon, is a direct reference to the words of a brave woman in Henichesk, occupied on the first day of the war, who advised a Russian soldier to put seeds in his pocket so that when he dies, at least sunflowers will grow.