We have already written that the US are going to hand over modern kamikaze Switchblade drones to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Finally, it became known that a group of Ukrainian servicemen had already learned to use these weapons and would soon arrive in Ukraine to share their experience. This is reported by Reuters.

It has recently become known that the United States are going to send 100 Switchblade 300 systems and 10 Switchblade 600 drones to Ukraine. The latter is an experimental model that has not even been adopted by the US military. Serial production of the older model has not yet been established yet.
We should remind that the SwitchBlade 300 is designed to destroy manpower and light armored vehicles. But the SwitchBlade 600 can neutralize armored personnel carriers and tanks.

It is expected that the Ukrainian military will use the first sent systems fairly quickly, so new supplies are being prepared.

Ukrainian military have learned to use Switchblade kamikaze drones

SwitchBlade 300 was adopted in 2011, used in Afghanistan and Syria.
Range – 10 km
Speed – 100 km/h (cruise), 160 km/h (dash)
Work time – 15 min
Mass – 2,5 kg, fits into the backpack

Ukrainian military have learned to use Switchblade kamikaze drones

SwitchBlade 600 is an experimental model, not used anywhere, only 60 test flights were conducted.
Range – 40 km
Speed – 115 km/h (сruise), 185 km/h (dash)
Work time – 40 min
Mass – launcher 22 kg, control system 32 kg, drone 15 kg