Due to the full-scale invasion of Russia in Ukraine, the process of moving from places of permanent residence continues. According to the United Nations, more than 3.8 million Ukrainians crossed the border of Ukraine with neighboring states, and 13 million people changed their place of residence.

To help people find their missing relatives during the war a Family Search chatbot for Telegram was created. It allows you to find those with whom the connection was lost, regardless of the country of their present stay.

The chatbot was created in collaboration with the NGO International Association for Cybersecurity, Center for Methods and Coordination of Cryptographic Development, International Women’s Movement For Family Values and with the support of the Presidential Commissioner for Volunteer Activities.

In addition, developers inform that the personal data of the participants are securely protected. The chatbot provides information about the location only to the citizens registered in the chatbot after the person who the family are looking for gives their consent to avoid unwanted situations.

And here is video instruction for using a Family Search chatbot.