After many years of waiting, DeLorean Motor Company announced that it will finally show its fully electric car on August 18, promising to share its official name on the same day. There are few details about the concept car, but the automaker shared that he worked on the design with Italdesign, best known for his collaboration with Volkswagen. Moreover, according to the DeLorean website, the car will have the iconic DMC-12 door with a seagull wing.

It is worth noting that the company that plans to produce DeLorean EV is not the same one that released the legendary DMC-12. Texas-based DeLorean Motor is known for restoring vintage DeLorean cars and is the largest source of parts for the now-defunct brand that created the original DMC-12.

DeLorean will show their electric car on August 18

DeLorean Motor has been talking about plans to build an electric car since 2011, when the company said it was working to create a fully electric DeLorean with a power reserve of 160 km.