Only yesterday we saw the loss of aircraft at Hostomel airport and here’s the sad news again. The Russian occupiers damaged the airport of a small aircraft company Aeroprakt in the village of Nalyvaikivka near Makariv in Buchanskyi district.

Aeroprakt was founded in 1991 by designers of the O.K. Antonov Design Bureau, Yurii Yakovlev, and Oleh Litovchenko. Aeroprakt produced ultralight aircraft and won international recognition. The most popular models are Aeroprakt A-22 and Aeroprakt A-32, and in total the company has produced more than 1,000 aircraft over the years.

The company’s flying club was located in Nalyvaikivka, and nearby they were planning to expand production facilities with an area of ​​8,000 m2 to produce 100 aircraft per year.

In the photos taken by Daniil Shvedkov, you can see what the premises of the flying club look like and how the small planes that were at the airport were damaged.