CleanMyMac X has received a new feature that protects against cyber threats from Russia

Since Russia started the war in Ukraine, the number of cyberattacks has risen sharply. This forced the world to overestimate the importance of data security, so the CleanMyMac team added a new category of programs to the Uninstaller – Suspicious module. Now, if any of the programs installed on your Mac are developed in Russia or Belarus, then CleanMyMac X marks them as suspicious.

There are a few simple steps to check with CleanMyMac X to see if such programs are installed on your computer:

  1. Run CleanMyMac X;
  2. Go to the Uninstaller module;
  3. Find the Suspicious category in the side menu;
  4. Browse the programs in the category and select the ones you want to uninstall.

Previously, the developers of MacPaw created SpyBuster – a program that scans your computer and identifies applications that were created in Russia and Belarus or connect to servers in these countries, and allows you to remove them at will. The company has decided to add a similar feature to CleanMyMac X so that its users can also find and remove potentially malicious software.

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