YouTube Music

YouTube Premium and Music have reached 100 million subscribers

Google has announced that YouTube Premium and Music have garnered more than 100 million paid subscribers. The company clarified that this includes trial subscribers. Since the launch of paid subscriptions and YouTube Music in 2015, the service has become available in more than 100 countries around the world. In a ... Read more

A tool to switch to YouTube Music is being launched for Google Podcasts users

Google is finally launching a tool that will help users of the Google Podcasts app migrate to YouTube Music or another alternative app, writes Engadget. In the fall, Google announced that in 2024 it would shut down its podcasting app. This is planned to be done as part of a ... Read more

YouTube Music will be able to create playlist covers using AI

YouTube Music has added the ability to create playlist covers using artificial intelligence and the ability to quickly return to listening to your latest albums or artists. Generating a playlist cover is quite simple. You just need to open the desired playlist, click on the edit button, and choose one ... Read more

Google Podcasts will be closed in 2024 to allow podcast listeners to switch to YouTube Music

Google has announced that in 2024 it will shut down its podcasting app Google Podcasts. This is planned to be done as part of a wider transition of listeners to YouTube Music, writes TechCrunch. Google plans to increase its investment in podcasts on YouTube Music and make it a more ... Read more

The YouTube Music update will add a “Samples” tab for watching videos from artists

YouTube Music is getting a major update with the introduction of a Samples tab to its interface. This feature aims to provide users with a new way to find music through videos from artists, writes 9to5Google. Located between the existing Home and Navigation tabs, the Samples tab is similar to ... Read more

YouTube Shorts may be added to YouTube Music as a Samples tab

YouTube Shorts continue to grow in popularity, so it’s no surprise that YouTube is looking for new ways to promote them. In particular, it became known that Shorts are currently being tested in the YouTube Music application. Vertical videos may appear as a separate tab in the bottom panel, which, ... Read more

You can now listen to podcasts in YouTube Music

YouTube Music has received another update that adds the ability to listen to podcasts. So far, this functionality is available only in the US, but Google promises to expand its geography in the future. You don’t need a paid Music Premium or YouTube Premium subscription to listen to podcasts. You ... Read more

A “karaoke mode” appeared in the YouTube Music mobile application

The YouTube Music mobile apps for Android and iOS have started receiving an update that brings a “karaoke mode”. Previously, when listening to tracks, you could see the lyrics by opening the corresponding tab. However, the text was static and rather small. Now the font size and indentation have been ... Read more

Podcasts are coming to YouTube Music

YouTube Music will soon be the place to listen to your favorite podcasts. This was announced by representatives of the platform during the Hot Pod Summit event. A podcast creation tool will come to YouTube Studio, and creators will be able to add audio podcasts to YouTube via RSS feeds. ... Read more

You can now create your own radio stations in YouTube Music

The YouTube Music app for Android and iOS has received an update that brings a new feature: Create a radio. Previously, you could start a radio station based on an individual track, almost anywhere in the app. Now a tool has appeared that allows you to approach the creation of ... Read more

YouTube Music will get support for group listening in Google Meet

Last August, Google Meet for Android received a feature that allows you to watch videos on YouTube, listen to music on Spotify, or play games together. Now the YouTube Music service should also receive support for the Live Sharing mode. The update will allow all video conference participants to interact ... Read more

YouTube Music has started full-fledge cooperation with smartwatches on Wear OS

Wear OS users will finally be able to use YouTube Music to stream their favorite hits via Wi-Fi and LTE right from the watch. You can also add an app as a widget to quickly access playlists or search for music. In Google’s announcement it is said that through the ... Read more