You can create Shorts from music videos on YouTube. How do I use this feature?

YouTube has a new feature for creating short Shorts videos directly from music videos. The new feature can be used in 4 ways: Sound: you can use any part of the music video as sound for Shorts; Collab: users will be able to create videos by combining an excerpt from ... Read more

YouTube is working on an app for Vision Pro

YouTube still has plans to release a full-fledged program for Vision Pro, despite the fact that the company did not allow the use of iPad apps on the headset, writes The Verge. The company’s spokesperson, Jessica Gibby, said that they are excited to see the launch of a product like ... Read more

YouTube Premium and Music have reached 100 million subscribers

Google has announced that YouTube Premium and Music have garnered more than 100 million paid subscribers. The company clarified that this includes trial subscribers. Since the launch of paid subscriptions and YouTube Music in 2015, the service has become available in more than 100 countries around the world. In a ... Read more

YouTube, Spotify and Netflix won’t make accessories for Apple Vision Pro

YouTube and Spotify, the leading video and music streaming platforms, have decided not to develop their own apps for Apple’s upcoming Vision Pro mixed reality headset. The decision follows a similar move by Netflix, according to Bloomberg. YouTube said that it will not launch a new app for the Vision ... Read more

Youtube was slower again with ad blockers, but this time it’s not Google’s fault

Back in November, the website and videos on YouTube started to load much longer if users used an ad blocker. Recently, the problem returned, but as it turned out, at least for now, Google is not to blame. For example, some Reddit users have again started complaining that with the ... Read more

YouTube to delete videos in which AI “realistically imitates” crime victims

YouTube is cracking down on content that “realistically imitates” deceased minors or victims of deadly or violent events by describing their deaths, writes TechCrunch. To this end, the platform is updating its harassment and cyberbullying policy. Starting from January 16, this content will be removed from YouTube. Such actions are ... Read more

The size of YouTube – in 2023, more than 4 billion videos appeared here

The current size of YouTube is estimated at 13.325 billion videos. This figure was released by a well-known technologist and director of the Center for the Study of Civic Media at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Ethan Zuckerman. According to him, more than 4 billion videos were posted on ... Read more

There may be fewer YouTube ads on TVs, but they will be longer

Google has announced its intention to change the display of YouTube ads on TVs. The company wants to make them longer but less frequent. According to the company, when watching long videos, viewers are more likely to perceive more ads at a time than if they are scattered throughout the ... Read more

A tool to switch to YouTube Music is being launched for Google Podcasts users

Google is finally launching a tool that will help users of the Google Podcasts app migrate to YouTube Music or another alternative app, writes Engadget. In the fall, Google announced that in 2024 it would shut down its podcasting app. This is planned to be done as part of a ... Read more

A YouTuber who crashed his own plane for a video was sentenced to 6 months in prison

Trevor Jacob, a 30-year-old YouTuber, has been sentenced to 6 months in prison for deliberately crashing his plane for a video and then lying to US investigators, reports BBC. The incident occurred in December 2021 when Jacob, a former Olympic snowboarder, jumped out of a plane over the Los Padres ... Read more

Google vs ad blockers: Chrome extensions will now be updated more slowly

Another round of Google’s fight against ad blockers. According to the new rules of the Manifest V3 platform, Chrome extensions will now be updated more slowly, writes Techspot. The new policy on browser extensions based on Google’s Manifest V3 platform may, if not destroy ad blockers on YouTube forever, make ... Read more

YouTube now has built-in games

YouTube has introduced a new entertainment: embedded games. The company has launched an experimental feature for Premium subscription holders. Users will be able to play more than 30 games directly from the app on their smartphones or through the web version of the service. In order to access the games, ... Read more

Ad Speedup is a YouTube extension that speeds up ads so that they don’t have to be blocked

Recently, YouTube started actively fighting ad blockers, requiring them to be disabled. This has caused a mixed reaction among users, with some calling for the abandonment of blockers or subscription to YouTube Premium to support content creators, while others oppose such coercion by the company. The Ad Speedup extension, available ... Read more

Bard has learned to watch videos on YouTube in full

Bard, Google’s artificial intelligence, will begin to better understand and analyze YouTube videos. Users will be able to get answers to specific questions about the content of a particular video. As reported by Android Authority, AI will now be able to answer specific questions on videos. “We’re taking the first ... Read more

YouTube loads slower if you have an ad blocker enabled

YouTube has started to take longer to load for users who use ad-blocking extensions. According to 9to5Google, this problem exists on all browsers. A user u/vk6_ on Reddit shared a video recorded in Firefox, which takes 5 seconds to load on YouTube, but when he made the service think he ... Read more

Firefox users complain that YouTube slows down video loading – Google talks about fighting ad blockers

Firefox users have begun to notice an artificial five-second loading delay when watching YouTube videos, which is not present when using Chrome. Google explained that the delay is part of a broader effort to target ad blockers, not specifically Firefox users, according to 404 Media. This issue has attracted ... Read more

YouTube tests Dream Track feature to create music using AI

YouTube is testing new artificial intelligence features that will allow users to create music with the help of prompts. This work is being done in collaboration with Google DeepMind developers. This is stated in the message of the platform. As part of this work, YouTube is introducing a feature called ... Read more

YouTube launches 1080p Premium feature for owners of Android devices

YouTube launches 1080p Premium feature with a higher video bitrate for users of the platform’s web versions, as well as owners of smart TVs and Android devices, reports TechCrunch. The option is available to YouTube Premium subscribers. Initially, the feature was only available for iPhone and Apple TV, but Google ... Read more

YouTube will force authors to label realistic videos created by artificial intelligence

YouTube will require authors to label content that looks realistic and was created using artificial intelligence. The corresponding policy update will come into effect next year, writes Bloomberg. The new rules are expected to apply to content that is created using AI tools to more realistically reflect events that never ... Read more

YouTube is testing a Play something button that will show users random videos

YouTube is testing a new Play something button in its mobile app. It directs users to random videos, writes The Verge. The new option was first reported by Android Police. They noted that the button only directs users to YouTube Shorts. However, The Verge found that the feature can open ... Read more

“Hundreds of thousands” of deletions: YouTube users refuse to use ad blockers

YouTube users have begun to actively remove ad blockers, reports 9to5Google. They are taking this action because the popular video hosting service has stepped up its fight against ad blocking on its platform. YouTube has been carefully introducing these measures for months. For example, in the summer, it became known ... Read more

YouTube blocks viewing videos with ad blockers

YouTube is stepping up its efforts to combat the use of ad blockers on its platform. According to a statement by Christopher Lawton, YouTube’s communications manager, published by The Verge, the company has initiated a worldwide campaign to convince users to either turn on ads or subscribe to YouTube Premium. ... Read more

X wants to challenge YouTube and LinkedIn. What is Elon Musk up to this time?

Social media X intends to develop new business lines in video and recruitment. With this in mind, its management sees YouTube and LinkedIn as future competitors, writes Bloomberg. According to knowledgeable sources, the news was announced by X owner Elon Musk and the network’s CEO Linda Yaccarino during a meeting ... Read more

YouTube Music will be able to create playlist covers using AI

YouTube Music has added the ability to create playlist covers using artificial intelligence and the ability to quickly return to listening to your latest albums or artists. Generating a playlist cover is quite simple. You just need to open the desired playlist, click on the edit button, and choose one ... Read more

Revenge from the grave: Windows Phone helps bypass YouTube ad-blocker pop-up on YouTube

YouTube has always been funded by advertising and premium subscriptions, but it has been relatively easy for users to block these ads using various browser extensions. However, YouTube’s recent measures to counteract this have caused significant backlash. Many users have expressed their frustration, especially with the new YouTube pop-up message ... Read more