YouTube Stories will disappear on June 26

YouTube decided to get rid of Stories – a section of temporary videos that are stored on the platform for seven days. The function will cease to be available to users on June 26. Stories were introduced in 2017. Back then they were called Reels, and only channels with more ... Read more

YouTube Shorts may be added to YouTube Music as a Samples tab

YouTube Shorts continue to grow in popularity, so it’s no surprise that YouTube is looking for new ways to promote them. In particular, it became known that Shorts are currently being tested in the YouTube Music application. Vertical videos may appear as a separate tab in the bottom panel, which, ... Read more

YouTube will launch a 30-second ad on TVs that can’t be skipped

YouTube will introduce unskippable 30-second ads in the platform’s most popular content on TVs. It will be similar to commercials that have aired on broadcast and cable television for decades. Company executives announced this during the YouTube Brandcast presentation in New York, writes Variety. The ad unit will first launch ... Read more

YouTube recommendations can lead kids to gun videos, study finds

YouTube recommendations can lead kids to videos about school shootings and other gun-related content. This is evidenced by the data of the non-profit monitoring group Tech Transparency Project (TTP), writes Engadget. According to it, YouTube’s recommendation algorithm steers boys interested in video games to scenes of school shootings, instructions on ... Read more

A YouTuber who deliberately crashed a plane for views faces 20 years in prison

Remember YouTuber and former Olympic snowboarder Trevor Jacob, who deliberately crashed a plane for a cool video? Well, it looks like this internet genius might end up behind bars. And for a long time, reports The Guardian. The story began back in December 2021, when Trevor Jacob posted a video ... Read more

YouTube is testing video blocking for users who don’t watch ads

YouTube is asking some users to turn off ad blockers or pay for a premium subscription, or they won’t be allowed to watch videos, writes Bleeping Computer. New approaches in the work of YouTube were described by one of the Reddit users. According to him, the hosting started showing a ... Read more

The song Heart on My Sleeve by artificial intelligence has increased anxiety in the world of music

Heart on My Sleeve, a track written with artificial intelligence (AI), has raised creative and legal issues in the music industry, writes The Verge. The song simulates the vocal parts of Drake and The Weeknd. In a matter of days, it became popular on TikTok, Spotify, YouTube and other services, ... Read more

StopRU – an extension for Chrome and Firefox that trains YouTube not to recommend Russian-language videos

Ukrainian developer Taras Slivka created a browser extension called StopRU that helps users train YouTube not to recommend Russian-language videos. It is already available for Chrome and Firefox on computers, and according to the author of the project, it helped remove more than 220,000 Russian-language videos from YouTube users’ feeds ... Read more

YouTube Premium will soon get support for the SharePlay feature on iOS

Google has announced several changes that will affect YouTube Premium subscribers. One of the main innovations is the appearance of support for the SharePlay function on iOS devices. Let me remind you, with the help of SharePlay various applications integrate with FaceTime and content is synchronized for all participants in ... Read more

The popular YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips was hacked, the attackers deleted all the videos

Hackers managed to gain access to the popular computer YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips, deleted all of the videos and showed a clip about cryptocurrency scams to an audience of 15.3 million, reports The Verge. This is not the first time that attackers were able to gain access to such ... Read more

YouTube has allowed creators to swear in videos again, but the rules are still confusing

YouTube decided to ease restrictions on the use of profanity in videos after an update introduced in November caused backlash from some creators. The company will also review videos whose monetization was affected by this policy. In a video on the Creator Insider channel, the company says it analyzed data ... Read more

YouTube’s new CEO promises artificial intelligence tools that will be able to virtually change clothes and backgrounds for creators

Neal Mohan, YouTube’s new chief, outlined his key priorities and promised some future features for the media platform in his first address to the community since taking over last month, reports The Verge. In his letter, Mohan begins by saying that he will “continue to put [creators] first” and lists ... Read more

YouTube is making multilingual audio tracks available to more creators

After testing over the past few months, YouTube is expanding access to multilingual audio tracks to more creators around the world. The platform enlisted popular YouTube creator MrBeast to talk about the benefits of the new feature. The multilingual audio feature allows creators to add dubbing to new and existing ... Read more

YouTube is testing a “1080p Premium” option with an enhanced video bitrate

YouTube continues to experiment with new features for its platform. One of the users, in particular, noticed the “1080p Premium” option in the playback quality selection menu. As you can see in the screenshot, this option allows you to play videos with a higher bitrate. This allows you to count ... Read more

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki is stepping down

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has announced that she is stepping down from the video streaming service. Wojcicki, who joined Alphabet nearly 25 years ago, said she was starting “a new chapter focused on family, health, and personal projects.” Wojcicki has been working with Google almost since its inception. The company’s ... Read more

TikTok beats YouTube in annual research of app use by children and teens

For another year in a row, TikTok was the most used app by children and teenagers during the day, even more than YouTube. According to app usage research children and teens worldwide in 2022, younger audiences (ages 4 to 18) started watching more TikTok than YouTube on average, and TikTok’s ... Read more

From February 1, YouTube will start sharing advertising funds with the creators of Shorts

YouTube announced that creators can start earning ad revenue on short videos, starting from February 1. This change will be part of a broader update to the YouTube Partner Program, which will require all participants to sign new terms of the agreement, whether or not they want to monetize their ... Read more

YouTube blocked Pornhub channel over “multiple rule violations”

YouTube bans Pornhub channel for ‘multiple violations of community rules’ reports The Verge. According to Google, the Pornhub account violated YouTube’s external linking policy, which prohibits users from linking to content prohibited on the platform, such as pornography. “Upon review, we terminated the channel Pornhub Official following multiple violations of ... Read more

Beware YouTube: TikTok begins testing horizontal full-screen video

TikTok, the short vertical video service that has grown wildly popular in recent years, has begun testing horizontal full-screen videos among select users around the world, reports TechCrunch. Users with access to the test feature will see a new “full screen mode” button on square or rectangular videos in their ... Read more

YouTube will send messages to users who post offensive comments. If that doesn’t help, they get a 24-hour timeout

Commenting on YouTube has never been an exceptionally polite environment (although that can be said of any part of the internet). Insults, threats, hate speech – “ordinary Thursday” for commentators. Previously, the service tried to show a warning at the time of writing a comment, which should have restrained the ... Read more

YouTube named the most popular videos, creators and songs of 2022 in the US

YouTube has released the top most viewed videos in the US for 2022 and other rankings that serve as a Rewind replacement to one degree or another. The list of YouTube’s top videos in the US “is based on video views uploaded in 2022, excluding shorts, music videos, trailers and ... Read more

YouTube has ended testing videos in 4K quality for Premium subscribers only

In October 2022, YouTube conducted an experiment in which it asked some free users to upgrade to Premium-subscription for watching videos in 4K. But now the company has stopped this test – probably because of the outrage of users. In a tweet, YouTube confirmed the end of the experiment: “Viewers ... Read more

YouTube will let everyone choose a handle

YouTube is launching a feature that’s key to social media, namely usernames in the @name format, so people can be tagged in posts and their pages can be found. Previously, large channels could choose a unique URL on YouTube, but now all channels on the platform will be able to ... Read more

Over the past decade, copyright owners have asked Google to remove 6 billion pirated links

Rights holders have asked Google to remove six billion links to pirated search results over the past decade. The vast majority of these requests have been honored, reports TorrentFreak. Although it is impossible to completely eradicate copyright infringement, Google is slowly but surely positioning itself as a voluntary partner in ... Read more

4K video on YouTube may become available only to users of the Premium subscription

YouTube may make 4K video viewing on the platform exclusive to YouTube Premium subscribers, according to screenshots posted by users on Twitter and Reddit. So, after testing up to 12 ads on YouTube for non-Premium users, now some users reported that they also have to get a Premium account just ... Read more