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What is QA and how to become a tester

The QA profession is shrouded in myths. And you’ve definitely heard at least one of them — that this is the shortest and easiest way to enter IT. Why this is not entirely true and where to study to become a tester tells Andriy Sotnikov, Automation QA Engineer at Luxoft, ... Read more

Roblox encourages employees to return to the office in 2024

Roblox Corporation, the developer and publisher of the online game of the same name, is looking for employees to start working at the company’s headquarters in San Mateo, California, USA. This is stated in an email from Roblox CEO David Bashutsky to employees, according to The Verge. Like many other ... Read more

Google cuts hundreds of jobs in its recruiting organization

Google is cutting hundreds of jobs in its global recruiting organization. This was stated by Brian Ong, the company’s vice president of recruiting, according to CNBC. “We unfortunately need to make a significant reduction to the size of the recruiting organization,” he said during the meeting. It wasn’t an easy ... Read more

Google lures employees back to the office with hotel discount at Mountain View headquarters

Google is implementing a new strategy to encourage its employees to return to the office by offering a special deal at a hotel on the campus of its headquarters in Mountain View, California. The company is offering hotel rooms for $99 a night through September 30 as part of a ... Read more

Google has tied office visits to employee performance ratings

Google will take into account the records of their visits to the office when evaluating the performance of employees and send reminders to those of them who are frequently absent from the workplace. This is reported by The Wall Street Journal. Also, the search giant will consider new requests for ... Read more

Exceeded the budget: Volkswagen is preparing to fire the top managers of the software development division

Volkswagen is set to fire almost all of the executive board members of its Cariad software division. This is reported by Reuters, citing a person familiar with the situation. The automaker is preparing for layoffs to address development issues. Cariad’s supervisory board is expected to approve the layoffs at a ... Read more

ChatGPT motivates copywriters to quickly master a new IT profession

In response to the emergence of ChatGPT, some freelancers, copywriters and content managers are quitting their jobs and retraining as AI Prompt Engineers, writes The Vice. According to some observations, text and image generators are able to create better content when users provide more specific tasks and prompts. So the ... Read more

India, with 5 million programmers, could be the most affected by technologies like ChatGPT

India, home to more than 5 million programmers, could be hit hardest if the technology behind ChatGPT cuts jobs in the industry, writes Bloomberg. Traditionally, India’s outsourcing firms were so hungry for talent that they didn’t even mind if an engineer’s background was in chemicals or mining. Training people through ... Read more

Artificial intelligence is already taking away the jobs of video game illustrators in China

The active adoption of artificial intelligence is already having a significant impact on the video game industry in China. As reported by Rest of World, many game developers in China began to rely on AI-based image generators instead of human illustrators. The use of AI generators such as Midjourney and ... Read more

LinkedIn will start using artificial intelligence to write profiles and job ads

LinkedIn chief development officer Tomer Cohen talked about a number of new artificial intelligence tools coming to the Microsoft-owned platform, reports TechRadar. LinkedIn’s AI tools will be powered by OpenAI’s GPT model, given Microsoft’s significant investment in the startup and subsequent implementation of its tools in many of its products. ... Read more

Zuckerberg confirms that Meta will cut another 10,000 jobs by the end of the year

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said his company should run like a well-oiled machine during what he declared a “year of efficiency.” But this does not apply to all employees, because some of them will be dismissed. In a letter sent to Meta employees and published on the company’s blog on ... Read more

Laid-off tech workers start their own businesses and compete with their former employers

Many tech workers affected by or fearing layoffs are exploring entrepreneurial options instead of looking for new jobs, writes ZDNet. Of course, they can work as self-employed individuals with independent contracts, but now there is an increase in the number of new companies. According to a recent survey, 1,000 professionals ... Read more

Meta plans thousands more layoffs this week

Meta, the owner of Facebook and Instagram, plans a new wave of layoffs and will cut thousands of jobs this week, reports Bloomberg, citing its own sources. Meta is cutting even more jobs, on top of 13% cuts in November, as it seeks to become a more efficient organization. Meta ... Read more

Twitter employee couldn’t figure out whether he was fired for 9 days, had to ask Elon Musk… on Twitter

Twitter employee Haraldur Thorleifsson from Iceland couldn’t figure out for 9 days whether he was fired from the company or not. The work computer was locked down, but HR couldn’t give Thorleifsson a clear answer, as well as for about 200 other Twitter employees. Haraldur, or Halli, as he asks ... Read more

How to properly write a CV in order to get the job you want

CEO and CTO of the Bimp fintech service Dmytro Obukhov advises on how to properly write a CV and prepare for an interview in order to get a desired job. By what criteria does the employer select a candidate: It all depends on the position we select a candidate for: ... Read more

AI for layoffs: HR are increasingly using algorithms to make decisions

Days after mass layoffs cut 12,000 jobs at Google, hundreds of former employees have gathered in an online chat room to commiserate. They swapped theories about how management decided who to cut. Could a “mindless algorithm carefully designed not to violate any laws” choose who gets cut, one member asked ... Read more

The Ukrainian government adopted resolution on the right to reserve employees of telecom and IT companies from mobilization

The government adopted resolution on the reservation from mobilization during martial law of employees of companies that have the status of “critical” for the Ukrainian defense industry, the economy and the life of the population. As reported by the Ministry of Digital Transformation, in order to reserve employees of the ... Read more

Spotify to cut 6% of employees

Spotify plans to cut 6% of its workforce and incur costs of about $50 million, reports Reuters. The tech industry is facing a slump in demand after two years of pandemic-fueled growth during which it has been busy hiring. This has resulted in companies losing thousands of jobs. “Over the ... Read more

No free lunches: how Apple has managed to avoid mass layoffs so far

The layoffs have hit the tech industry hard, but there is one exception – Apple. The world’s largest company has so far avoided the massive job cuts that have affected firms such as Microsoft, Google, Meta and Amazon. It’s hard for big companies to stave off major cuts in the ... Read more

Microsoft has laid off teams that worked on virtual, mixed reality and HoloLens development

A wave of mass layoffs at technology companies is likely to affect the development of entire product lines. At least from the new information about the layoffs at Microsoft, it is clear that the company has cut entire teams that developed solutions for virtual reality, mixed reality and the HoloLens ... Read more

“Difficult decision”: Google lays off 12,000 employees

Google will cut 12,000 jobs, CEO Sundar Pichai reported. He said he takes full responsibility for the decision, but cited a “different economic reality” and the company’s rapid growth over the past two years, which has led to the hiring of additional employees. Here is Pichai’s appeal in its entirety: ... Read more

Microsoft is preparing to cut thousands of jobs

American software giant Microsoft may announce plans for significant job cuts around the world within days. The reason for the probable cuts is the slowdown of the global economy, reports Sky News. Microsoft, which employs more than 220,000 people, is considering cutting about 5% of its workforce, which equates to ... Read more

Microsoft employees received an unlimited number of days off

Microsoft Corporation provides its American employees with an unlimited number of days off. This was announced by Kathleen Hogan, director of human resources at Microsoft, in an email to employees, which was reported by The Verge. Microsoft calls its unlimited days off “Discretionary Leave” and it will apply to all ... Read more

Tech professionals quickly find new jobs, US survey says

Most of the laid-off tech workers in the US find work shortly after starting their search, as employers continue to look for workers, according to a new ZipRecruiter survey. About 79% of workers newly hired after a tech company layoff or shutdown found a new job within three months of ... Read more

Elon Musk fires even those Twitter employees who criticize him privately

Layoffs at Twitter, which Elon Musk recently bought for $44 billion, are nothing new, and the new owner has already laid off roughly half of its employees and continues to do so. But not only those who, in Elon’s opinion, do not perform their work effectively enough, but also employees ... Read more