Shelters of educational institutions will be equipped with Wi-Fi from the Ministry of Digital Transformation – how to join the project

By the beginning of the academic year, the Ministry of Digital Transfomation plans to provide high-speed Internet access to educational institutions. For this purpose, kindergartens, schools, colleges, and vocational schools will receive the necessary equipment free of charge. The project will be implemented jointly with the MES and telecom companies, ... Read more

Intel plans to introduce Wi-Fi 7 in laptops as early as 2024

Intel is already planning the introduction of a new communication standard for local area networks Wi-Fi 802.11be, or simply Wi-Fi 7. It is expected to double the speed of the current Wi-Fi 6e. An increase in the frequency in the 6 GHz range made it possible to obtain a data ... Read more

Starlink Internet enters in-flight market. SpaceX signed the first agreement

Starlink Satellite Internet will work on JSX semi-private charter aircraft – Elon Musk’s company is entering the aviation Wi-Fi market. The first agreement with the carrier has already been signed. According to JSX CEO Alex Wilcox, the agreement with SpaceX provides for the maintenance of up to 100 aircraft. The ... Read more