Opera has added a free VPN to its iOS browser

The Opera browser for iOS received a free built-in VPN, which previously appeared in versions of the program for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. “With the addition of its VPN service to iOS, Opera becomes the first browser company to offer a built-in, free VPN on every platform. Opera’s VPN ... Read more

All paid Google One subscriptions now have VPN access, but only in 22 countries

A VPN is a tool that is designed to mask a user’s IP address. This way, sites, and apps can’t collect information about your location and track your online activity. Previously, access to Google VPN was only available to owners of Google One subscriptions, which cost starting $9.99 / month. ... Read more

MacPaw launches ClearVPN 2, as before, the VPN client is free for all Ukrainians

MacPaw has released an updated VPN client ClearVPN 2 for users who want to improve their security on the Internet, or simply get access to services and purchases that are not yet available in Ukraine. Like the previous version, ClearVPN 2 can be used for free by all Ukrainians regardless ... Read more

Google Play will prevent VPN apps from interacting with and blocking ads

As of November 1st, updated Google Play rules will prohibit VPN apps from interacting with or blocking ads. They state that only those applications that use the Android VPN service base class and primarily work as VPNs can create secure tunnels with remote services. But they are also prohibited from ... Read more

10 GB VPN service users database dumped on Telegram

The data of users of several VPN-services was SQL dumped on Telegram. A total of 21 million entries were leaked, including e-mail addresses, names and passwords. The dump revealed the data of users of several VPN services, including free GeckoVPN, SuperVPN and ChatVPN. The dump was first put up for ... Read more