Voice assistants

Google Assistant is under threat. The development team is expected to be reorganized in favor of Bard

Difficult times have come for voice assistants. They are still not profitable, require resources to support and have considerable server costs. At the same time, they do not display advertisements and are free for users. Google Assistant is just one of those. The background is that between 2016 and 2021, ... Read more

Samsung will let Bixby users clone their voice to answer calls

AI voice clones are already being used in podcasts and video games, but how long will it be before they can be used by the general public? Maybe sooner than we think, because Samsung announced a feature for its Bixby assistant that allows users to clone their voice to answer ... Read more

Siri accidentally called a police squad for Muay Thai training

Voice assistants are already smart enough to carry out a certain amount of user commands, including calling the police. Though in some cases it happens by accident, and sometimes it also leads to curious situations. One such thing happened in Australia this week. Muay Thai trainer Jamie Alleyne accidentally called ... Read more

Amazon may lose $10 billion this year due to Alexa voice assistant

Like many others, these are not the best times for Amazon. This is what the plans of the company to lay off approximately 10,000 employees say. The virtual “employee” of the company is also not feeling very well this year. Some of the layoffs in the company will also be ... Read more

You won’t have to say hello every time with Siri. Apple is considering changing the phrase “Hey Siri”

Since the appearance of the voice assistant in Apple devices, the only phrase for its (her) activation has been and remains — “Hey Siri.” Not always convenient, but users got used to it right away. Mark Gurman from Bloomberg reports that Apple is working on a shortened version of the ... Read more