Vodafone and Microsoft announce a 10-year strategic partnership to promote AI, digital services and cloud services

Vodafone and Microsoft have announced a 10-year strategic partnership to improve digital services for more than 300 million consumers, businesses and public sector organizations across Europe and Africa. This collaboration will focus on transforming Vodafone’s customer experience with Microsoft’s generative artificial intelligence, scaling Vodafone’s managed IoT connectivity platform, and developing ... Read more

Vodafone launches fast SIM replacement with eSIM

Vodafone has announced the possibility for its subscribers to quickly switch from SIM to eSIM in the My Vodafone self-service application. You can check whether your device supports eSIM technology at here. To start using an eSIM instead of a regular card, you need to take the following steps in ... Read more

Vodafone Ukraine withdraws from the UN Global Compact network as a sign of protest

The Vodafone Ukraine operator announced that it has withdrawn from the UN Global Compact network as a sign of protest against the inaction and double standards operating in the UN regarding Ukraine and Ukrainians. The UN Global Compact is an initiative created within the framework of the UN to promote ... Read more

Starlink in Ukraine: How does it work and can orcs intercept the signal?

Today, information is the most valuable thing in the world. Of course, after a person’s life. Distortion of information or its limitation can lead to serious negative consequences. Immediately after the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia on the territory of Ukraine, the enemy first of all began to ... Read more

Find fuel nearby. A new service from Vodafone

Vodafone Ukraine operator has launched an unusual free service “Where to find fuel” in test mode, which should help users find fuel near the house. In order to find out where you can refuel nearby, you need to send an SMS to the short number 225. Depending on the type ... Read more

Vodafone has added 10 GB and 300 minutes of roaming to Ukrainian tariffs at no extra charge

Vodafone customers can now use a free package of roaming services in 27 European countries, paying the usual Ukrainian subscription fee. The updated Affordable Roaming service now includes 10 GB of Internet, 300 minutes: 250 outgoing calls to Ukrainian Vodafone numbers, 50 minutes to other Ukrainian operators, calls in the ... Read more