Rakuten Viber: a quarter of Ukrainians do not see the need to learn English

After the registration of the controversial draft law “On the use of the English language” (the popular name is the “Subtitles Law”) in the Verkhovna Rada, Rakuten Viber conducted a survey among the Ukrainian audience of this popular messenger about the plans of Ukrainians to learn English. And although 60% ... Read more

According to Viber data: which smartphones were used by Ukrainians in February

The company Rakuten Viber, which develops the messenger of the same name, shared data on the top brands and models of smartphones used by Ukrainians in February 2023. According to Viber, the majority of Ukrainians traditionally prefer Android-based smartphones, but the number of iOS users is growing. In February 2023, ... Read more

Viber has received a file management function to optimize the storage capacity of the smartphone

Active use of messengers over time can lead to the fact that saved files, photos, videos, and other content can take up a lot of space in the smartphone’s storage. This adds inconvenience to owners of devices with a small memory capacity. It is for such a case that Viber ... Read more

Where to read news on Telegram and Viber — AIN

Monday morning was difficult due to the massive shelling of Ukrainian cities by Russian forces. Of course, in such moments of crisis, people’s attention is focused on the news. Unfortunately, not all sources are verified and inform about the real situation in the country. Editorial office of AIN very aptly ... Read more

Rakuten Viber has launched new features in the channels and will counter hate speech

Rakuten Viber announced new features in the channels: comments on posts, scheduling posts and hidden lists of participants. In the channels, bloggers and brands have the opportunity to share news, attract new audiences and explore e their interests. In general, anyone can create a channel on Viber. What’s new in ... Read more