Valve releases Proton 8.0-5 update for Steam and adds even more games on Linux

Valve has released Proton 8.0-5, the latest version of Wine to support Steam Play, which fixes many issues and adds more games on Linux, writes Phoronix.  The update added support for Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes, Welcome to Princeland, Red Tie Runner, Simon the Sorcerer: 25th Anniversary Edition та Assassin’s Creed ... Read more

In 2023, Valve earned about $1 billion on Counter-Strike loot boxes

Valve has earned a respectable $1 billion from the sale of keys to loot boxes in Counter-Strike 1/2, reports the CS2 Case Tracker website. In 2023, players opened more than 400 million boxes in Counter-Strike 1/2. For this purpose, 359.6 million keys were used, which, at the current cost of ... Read more

Steam will allow publishing games that use AI

Valve has revised its rules for releasing AI games on Steam and will now allow most of them to be published. In a new blog post that the company released tonight, they said that after several months of studying the issue and discussing it with developers, the rules prohibiting the ... Read more

Steam sales schedule for the first half of 2024 has been released

Valve has shared the schedule of festivals and sales on Steam for the first half of 2024, so you can start saving up now. Of course, the most important of the year are 4 seasonal sales, the dates of two of which have already been announced: Spring sale: March 14-21 ... Read more

Valve asks Steam Deck owners to stop “inhaling exhaust fumes”

A new trend has emerged among Steam Deck owners to inhale exhaust fumes because they have a surprisingly pleasant smell. However, Valve urges users to stop doing this. The user u/Metapod100 from Reddit asked the company’s support team whether it was safe to “inhale exhaust fumes” from the console fan, ... Read more

Valve announced Steam Deck OLED

Valve has officially announced an updated Steam Deck OLED with a better screen and a larger battery. The OLED version will have two variations: 512 GB and a limited version with 1 TB of storage. They will cost $549 and $649 respectively. The console will have a slightly larger 7.4-inch ... Read more

Steam Deck already supports over 12,000 games

The fact that Valve’s Steam Deck portable console already supports more than 12,000 games from the Steam library was pointed out by the GamingOnLinux website. According to SteamDB, Steam Deck currently supports 12,132 games. At the same time, 4,068 of them are officially verified by Valve, and another 8,064 are ... Read more

News about the new game from VALVe – Neon Prime

Neon Prime is reported to be Valve's next third-person shooter, and "alleged" details surrounding the title have emerged, showing what the developer has in store for enthusiasts.

Valve introduces SMS confirmation for developers publishing their games on Steam

Valve has reported that in recent months, the number of complaints about hijacking developer accounts on Steam, from which game builds infected with malware are published, has increased. To prevent such cases, the company has introduced additional security measures, reports Bleeping Computer. From now on, all developers on Steamworks will ... Read more

Counter-Strike 2 is Valve’s worst game in history with the exception of Artifact

Currently, Counter-Strike 2 has the lowest Steam rating of all Valve games, except for Artifact. This was reported by Insider Gaming. And although the overall rating of Counter-Strike 2 is now a seemingly pleasant 88/100 based on 7.6 million reviews, it should be borne in mind that Counter-Strike 2 simply ... Read more

Counter-Strike 2 was not released on Mac because almost no one plays it on Mac

With the release of Counter-Strike 2, which completely replaced Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valve removed support for the game for Mac. The reason is quite simple: almost no one plays the game on Mac. In addition to Mac support, the game will no longer be available on devices running DirectX 9 ... Read more

Valve loses a court case in the EU and has to pay 1.6 million euros in fines for geoblocking

The General Court of the European Union has upheld the decision to impose a fine for geo-blocking on Valve Corp. which owns the Steam digital game distribution platform, reports Bloomberg. As it is known, the European Commission has fined Valve and five other publishers for obstructing cross-border sales of PC ... Read more

Counter-Strike 2 is now available on Steam

Після 11 років з Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, гравці одного з найпопулярніших у світі FPS (із невеликою затримкою) отримали нову версію гри — Counter-Strike 2. Officially announced back in March, the update is now available on Steam and is expected to replace CS:GO (currently available through additional platform settings in the ... Read more

Valve advises not to wait for a new Steam Deck in the next few years

Valve makes it clear that it intends to create Steam Deck 2, but it is unlikely to happen in the next few years, writes The Verge. By creating a more powerful portable gaming system, the American developer wants to raise the bar. But it wants to make a leap in ... Read more

Steam changes may result in higher game prices in some countries

Valve, the company behind the popular gaming platform Steam, has made changes to its minimum price policy for some currencies other than the US dollar, which may have implications for those selling games and add-ons for less than $5, Engadget reports. Valve has warned game publishers and developers that if ... Read more

Onlyfans paid $928 thousand of value-added tax to Ukraine, Ebay and Valve declared the most

In 2023, Onlyfans paid more than $928.2 thousand in “Google tax”, as the introduction of VAT on electronic services of foreign companies was previously called. Danylo Hetmantsev, chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Finance, Taxation and Customs Policy, wrote about this in Telegram. “In general, according to the results ... Read more

Valve urges developers of games that use AI not to infringe copyright

The American company Valve will not prevent the use of artificial intelligence on the Steam platform, but seeks to respect copyright in matters related to the development of video games. This is reported by The Verge. “… instead, we’re working through how to integrate it into our already-existing review policies,” ... Read more

Team Fortress 2 is unexpectedly getting a big update this year

Although Team Fortress 2 still has quite a large “army” of supporters – according to SteamCharts, its online still has up to 100,000 simultaneous players (which, by the way, regularly secures the game a place in the TOP10), yet it seemed that Valve had long ago and finally given up ... Read more

Valve is developing a new Steam mobile application

Yesterday, Valve began beta testing of the new Steam app for iOS and Android. It features a new design (more precisely, as the company itself admits, it “revived” the 2015 design option) – in particular, a navigation bar appeared at the bottom of the screen with quick access to the ... Read more

The International Dota 2 tournament will be held in Southeast Asia for the first time

This year’s annual Dota 2 Main Event will be held in Singapore. This was announced by the organizers in a short tweet. The International has previously been held in the United States, Canada, China, Germany and Romania. This year it will be held for the first time in Southeast Asia. ... Read more

During the tournament, Virtus Pro player drew the letter Z, a symbol of the Russian war in Ukraine

In qualifying for the official Dota2 tournament from Valve, known as The International, a player from the Russian team Virtus Pro drew the letter Z on the map, a symbol that supports aggression against Ukraine and which the civilized world already equates to the Nazi swastika. “The International is a ... Read more

Valve resumes payments to Ukrainian developers

Valve, which owns the Steam game distribution platform, has finally resumed payments to Ukrainian developers. Head of the Ministry of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov wrote on his Telegram channel. “Valve resumed payments to Ukrainian developers. In response to my letter, the company announced the establishment of a system for obtaining ... Read more

The Ministry of Finance calls on Valve to resume payments to Ukrainian developers

Online gaming platform Steam owned by Valve Corporation, stopped paying developers from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus last month. Currently, the Ministry of Digital Transformation asks Valve to resume payments for Ukrainians. It was reported by the Deputy Minister Oleksandr Borniakov, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation for IT Development. Previously Valve ... Read more