Google has a list of words that employees are not allowed to use – US Department of Justice

Google is facing a lawsuit filed by the US Department of Justice on charges of illegally holding a monopoly in the Internet search market. Government lawyers claim that the company knew that its activities were being scrutinized, so it advised its employees not to use certain words, writes Bloomberg. According ... Read more

In the US, they are asking to finally allow independent repair of McDonald’s ice cream machines

The United States is calling on Congress to pass a bill that would allow McDonald’s ice cream machines to be repaired on their own. This initiative was taken by iFixit specialists, writes The Verge. These machines are well known for their frequent breakdowns. The problem is that only Taylor, the ... Read more

Why do young people in the US hate Android?

A recent survey of teenagers in the United States showed that 87% of them have an iPhone and have no plans to switch to another platform. They have their reasons, as described in an article by The Wall Street Journal. Most teenagers in the United States perceive Android smartphones as ... Read more

Pornhub sues state of Texas for requiring age verification of users

Pornhub, along with the adult industry advocacy group Free Speech Coalition and several other website operators and porn industry representatives, are suing the state of Texas to block the state’s law requiring age verification for viewing adult content. This is reported by Vice. The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. ... Read more

The US bans certain technology investments in China

US President Joe Biden has signed an executive order banning certain new US investments in China in “sensitive technologies” such as chip manufacturing. In addition, the new regulations require that the government be notified of investments in other Chinese technology sectors, writes Reuters. The long-awaited order authorizes the US Treasury ... Read more

China’s tech sector is really suffering from US chip sales sanctions

Despite all the bravado rhetoric, China’s tech sector is actually feeling the impact of export restrictions imposed by the US last year, writes The Wall Street Journal. They were aimed at curbing Beijing’s progress in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI) and supercomputer technology. Sanctions are starting to have a ... Read more

The US may for the first time ban the sale of geodata from users’ smartphones

Lawmakers in Massachusetts are considering a near-total ban on buying and selling users’ location data obtained from their mobile devices. This will be the first attempt in the country to curb the billion-dollar industry, writes The Wall Street Journal. This is provided by a bill called the Location Shield Act, ... Read more

Officials of the Biden administration were prohibited from contacting social networks

A number of officials of the administration of US President Joe Biden have been banned from contacting social networks in matters of moderation of posts protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution. This decision was made by US federal judge Terry A. Doughty, writes The Verge. According to the ... Read more

China has overtaken the US for the first time in the Nature Index of quality scientific publications

The confrontation between the US and China is not only on technological and economic, but also on the scientific front. As reported by Nature, according to the results of 2022 China surpassed the USA for the first time in the index of scientific publications Nature Index. We are used to ... Read more

China has banned American chipmaker Micron from participating in key infrastructure projects

The trade and technology war between China and the USA is reaching a new level. Now not only US and Allies restrict China’s access to chip nanufacturing equipment and stop granting export licenses to some Chinese companies. China strikes back by banning US memory maker Micron Technology from participation in ... Read more

The American state of Montana has banned TikTok and the use of Telegram by state employees

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte signed a bill SB 419, which effectively bans the social network TikTok in the state. This is the first such ban in the United States. The new law requires app stores to remove TikTok from their offerings for Montana residents, reports The Verge. Governor Gianforte justified ... Read more

US senators called the Tesla security review a sham and set a deadline for Musk

US senators have sent Tesla CEO Elon Musk a letter expressing concern over reports that Tesla is using arbitration clauses in contracts to avoid public liability for rampant workplace discrimination and shocking vehicle safety lapses. This is reported by Ars Technica. “We are deeply concerned that the arbitration agreements you ... Read more

The US asks South Korea not to supply microchips to China in case of a shortage

The United States has asked South Korea to urge its chipmakers not to fill a shortfall in the Chinese market if Beijing bans U.S. company Micron Technology Inc from selling chips, reports Economic Times with reference to the Financial Times. The news appeared on the eve of the visit of ... Read more

In California, more than half of the trucks sold by 2035 must be electric

The US state of California has set a new rule that requires more than half of all trucks sold in the state to be electric by 2035. The mandate won approval from the Biden administration and is set to take effect next year, as reports The New York Times. Although ... Read more

FDA to reject new medical devices for lack of cybersecurity

US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) confirmed that medical device manufacturers product manufacturers must now prove that their products meet certain cybersecurity standards in order to receive approval from the agency. These rules were laid out in a general appropriations bill signed last December that authorized the FDA to set ... Read more

In the USA, they are calling for the creation of a new type of military – Cyber ​​​​Force

American military cyber security experts call on lawmakers to create a full-fledged seventh branch of the military – U.S. Cyber Force, writes The Record. Currently, the United States has a United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM). It is part of the US Armed Forces, which was created in 2010 and reports ... Read more

The CEO of TikTok will testify before the US House Energy and Commerce Committee

Tensions surrounding TikTok will come to a head on Thursday, March 23, when the company’s CEO, Shou Zi Chew, testifies before the House Energy and Commerce Committee. It will give Democrats and Republicans a rare chance to voice their suspicions directly about TikTok, reports New York Times. On Tuesday, Mr. ... Read more

The US is threatening to ban TikTok if its Chinese owners don’t sell their stakes

The Biden administration is demanding that the Chinese owners of TikTok sell their shares in the social network. Otherwise, they could face banning it in the US, reports the WSJ, citing its own sources. TikTok executives said that 60% of ByteDance (the company that owns TikTok) is owned by international ... Read more

Semiconductor supply chain players plot to flee China after ASML exit

US efforts to stop China’s semiconductor industry have reached a tipping point when the Netherlands joined. However, the consequences of the new restrictions may affect not only Chinese companies. Reuters reports that officials from a dozen companies that supply ASML components are now weighing the possibility of a mass exodus ... Read more

The Netherlands has supported the US fight against China by restricting the export of tools for the production of chips

The Netherlands has unveiled plans to restrict exports of key chip-making tools. This is an important step in the ongoing US effort to limit China’s access to high-performance semiconductors, reports Financial Times. The deal, which is expected to include control of critical chip manufacturing technologies from Dutch multinational ASML, was ... Read more

The Biden administration wants to hold companies accountable for inadequate cybersecurity

On Thursday, the Biden administration pushed for new mandatory rules and obligations for software makers and service providers in an effort to shift the burden of protecting US cyberspace to small organizations and individuals. “The most capable and best-positioned actors in cyberspace must be better stewards of the digital ecosystem,” ... Read more

The White House has given 30 days to remove TikTok from federal devices

The White House has given government agencies 30 days to remove TikTok from federal devices and systems. To protect data, all federal agencies must remove TikTok from phones and systems and block the company’s Internet traffic, Office of Management and Budget Director Shalanda Young said in a memo that Reuters ... Read more

A new package of military aid from the United States: ammunition and UAVs worth $2 billion

On the anniversary of the start of the full-scale Russian-Ukrainian war, the Pentagon announced a new aid package to Ukraine in the amount of $2 billion from the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI) fund. For the most part, these are critically needed ammunition and UAVs for the Armed Forces of ... Read more

The American state of Arkansas proposed law would require ID check to watch porn online

A new bill is being promoted in Arkansas (USA) aims to make access to porn sites more difficult. The Protection of Minors from Distribution of Harmful Material Act would require anyone in Arkansas to provide a “digitized identification card” before viewing a site that contains more than 33.33 percent of ... Read more

Another unidentified flying object was shot down. This time by the F-16

Either China has launched too many spy balloons, or it really is aliens. US Air Force shot down another unidentified flying object on February 12, 2023 over Lake Huron on the US-Canada border near Detroit and Toronto. This time, an F-16 fighter jet flew to intercept, as the object was ... Read more