The Ukrainian horror game Level Zero becomes the Extraction shooter Level Zero: Extraction

The Ukrainian asymmetrical PvP game about scientists and alien monsters Level Zero, announced in late 2022, has changed its name and concept. Now the game is called Level Zero: Extraction and it is a PvPvPvE Extraction shooter with horror elements. Let us recall the words of Sergiy Galyonkin: “Name any ... Read more

Sharded World: Backpack Adventure is a Ukrainian car battler in which the hero is helped by his… backpack

In early February 2024, Ukrainian studios N-Hance Studio and Nasty Cat released a demo version of their new game Sharded World: Backpack Adventure on Steam. Recently, the demo received a big update with animal companions. Sharded World: Backpack Adventure is, as the title suggests, a spinoff of Sharded World, a ... Read more

IT industry in 2024: GlobalLogic talks about current trends

GlobalLogic has told us which areas of IT will be in greatest demand in 2024. The company explained that despite all the challenges, the IT sector remains a key one in the export of services and offers a promising career path. “As of February 2024, GlobalLogic has more than 160 ... Read more

Ukrainian turn-based tactics game FightLife: Vanguard will be released on Google Play and Steam

Yevhen Bilyk from Kherson region is developing FightLife on his own: Vanguard, an interesting turn-based tactical strategy game in the spirit of Battle Brothers and Wartales set in the medieval world. The developer recently released a trailer for the game. In FightLife: Vanguard, the player has to become the leader ... Read more

LockBit hacker group shut down in Ukraine

Investigators of the National Police have stopped the activities of the transnational hacker group LockBit in Ukraine. This is stated in the report of the National Police. “This criminal cyber organization is considered the world’s most reputable ransomware organization and has carried out more than three thousand cyber attacks on ... Read more

Cyberpunk Kyiv on Unreal Engine 5.3

3D artist and Cyberpunk 2077 fan Serhii Duzhyk created a detailed 3D scene of cyberpunk Kyiv using Unreal Engine 5. Gamedev.DOU drew attention to this. The scene was made using Unreal Engine 5.3, and everything is as it should be in the cyberpunk world – night, fog, lots of neon ... Read more

UK plans to transfer AI drones that can attack in swarms to Ukraine

The UK, along with its allies, plans to arm Ukraine with thousands of artificially intelligent drones. This is reported by Bloomberg, citing knowledgeable sources. One of the features of such drones is that they will be able to swarm and attack Russian targets simultaneously. At the same time, operators will ... Read more

Kyiv studio Frag Lab plans to downsize and abandon the office, but wants to keep Shatterline

Frag Lab, the Kyiv-based studio behind the free-to-play PvEvP shooter Shatterline, is going through a tough time. Staff reductions and office abandonment are planned, but the company wants to save Shatterline and is looking for help in financing and marketing the game. Back on February 5, 2024, the studio published ... Read more

Metro Exodus is 5 years old. 10 million copies sold

On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the release of the latest installment in the Metro series, Metro Exodus, the game’s official Twitter/X account released information that Metro Exodus has sold 10 million copies. The authors reminded that the next installment, Metro Awakening by Vertigo Games will be released ... Read more

New trailer for Ukrainian shooter AI Olympius

Lion’s Shade, a Lviv-based studio (actually, it is only three people), has released a new trailer for the fantastic shooter AI Olympius, which we have already described in “Made in Ukraine: Ukrainian Games 2023. Patch 1.3”. To recap, AI Olympius is a single-player/cooperative (split-screen) third-person shooter in the universe of ... Read more

It has finally melted: Elon Musk at X Spaces opposes aid to Ukraine and says Putin can’t lose

Elon Musk believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin cannot lose the war. He also opposed the adoption of aid to Ukraine. The billionaire said this to U.S. Republican senators during a discussion at X Spaces, writes Bloomberg. Opponents of the draft law on further assistance to Ukraine to combat a ... Read more

Alpha testing of the fantastic game Cognition Method, developed by Ukrainian developers, has started

The authors of the fantastic narrative puzzle game Cognition Method, mostly Ukrainian developers working for large foreign game studios, announced the start of the game’s alpha test on the G.Round platform. G.Round is a moderator platform between indie developers and players who want to take part in alpha or beta ... Read more

Ukrainian minimalist puzzle game Oberty is now available on Steam and App Store

Oberty, a minimalist puzzle game by Odesa-based Dmytro Denys, has been released on Steam and Apple App Store. It’s a very simple, but quite challenging puzzle game in which you need to rotate panels (hence the name) whose colors interact according to the rules of exclusive disjunction, i.e. the logical ... Read more

Yaroslav Azhniuk has announced the launch of Petcube Tracker. What can the tracker do and where does it work?

Petcube CEO and co-founder of Fuelfinance Yaroslav Azhnyuk announced the launch of Petcube Tracker. He wrote about this on his Facebook page. The app was created so that “no one would ever be afraid of losing their dog again.” “This is the product we have been working on for the ... Read more

Train Planet is a Ukrainian competitor to Train Sim World [UPDATED]

Ukrainian studio Fishing Planet LLC, the authors of the popular fishing simulator Fishing Planet, has presented a new game – train simulator Train Planet. According to the game’s description on Steam, Train Planet was originally an amateur project of several enthusiasts, train fans, and real drivers who wanted to transfer ... Read more

1505: Knight Becomes Kozak – a game in the setting of the early Ukrainian Renaissance

The authors of the Cossack action/adventure 1505: Knight Becomes Kozak, which is currently only two people, plan to release the game in Early Access in the fall of 2024. This is reported by, referring to the post of the authors on LinkedIn. The events of 1505: Knight Becomes Kozak ... Read more

Demo version of Ukrainian game Menace from the Deep released on Steam

On the eve of the next Steam New Releases Festival, which starts tonight, a demo version of a new Ukrainian game, an interesting card game Menace from the Deep, has appeared on Steam. Menace from the Deep is a card game in the Roguelike Deckbuilding subgenre set in a dark ... Read more

Spotify urged to remove Russian music from Ukrainians’ recommendations

Spotify is urged to remove Russian music from the recommendations of Ukrainian users. The relevant petition was prepared by anonymous author oleks_ukr, and has already been supported by 1840 people. “For many, the Russian language has become inextricably linked to the suffering and anguish caused by the russians. Consequently, encountering ... Read more

Demon Lord Reincarnation Gaiden, a turn-based RPG from Ukrainian developers, is announced

The Ukrainian studio Graverobber Foundation announced a new game. This is a turn-based Dungeon Crawl called Demon Lord Reincarnation Gaiden. This is a direct sequel to Demon Lord Reincarnation, which was released in July of 2013 and received mostly positive reviews (Steam rating 71/100). Both games are a kind of ... Read more

Despite sanctions, Russia imported more than $1 billion worth of Western chips last year – Bloomberg

Despite the sanctions, Russia imported more than $1 billion worth of American and European chips in the first nine months of 2023. This is reported by Bloomberg with reference to classified data from the Russian customs service. According to the publication, in total, chip imports to Russia reached $1.7 billion ... Read more

Creeper Nightmare: Season 0, another Ukrainian horror game, is now available on Steam

The Day of Ukrainian Games on Mezha continues. Another horror project created in Ukraine, Creeper Nightmare: Season 0 by Thirteen Frogs, was released today on Steam. Creeper Nightmare is a game based on the horror movie series Jeepers Creepers. Season 0 is a prologue that will introduce the player to ... Read more

Unmasked: An Inner Journey is a 2D adventure platformer from Ukrainian developers

Another Ukrainian game, a 2D adventure platformer without dialogues Unmasked: An Inner Journey by a two-man studio 1stone Games (Kyiv/Dnipro), has been launched on Steam. The resource GameDev DOU drew attention to this. In the story, the player enters the mind of a meditating shaman and has to fight his ... Read more

Ukrainian horror game Plastomorphosis is out on Steam

Plastomorphosis is a retro horror game from a solo developer from Mariupol, who now lives in Kyiv. The game tells the story of an ordinary person evacuated to Modern City, who tries to survive and accept the new reality as a “new citizen”. Plastomorphosis has a strong nod to the ... Read more

Documentary 20 Days in Mariupol by Mstyslav Chernov nominated for an Oscar

Mstyslav Chernov’s documentary 20 Days in Mariupol has been nominated for an Oscar Academy Award. This is stated in the report of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The film will compete for the title of the best in the feature documentary category. Other contenders in this ... Read more

Quasis: The Last Eclipse is a cyberpunk RPG from the Ukrainian studio LTS

Ukrainian indie studio LTS has shared new details of Quasis: The Last Eclipse, an isometric RPG in the cyberpunk setting. In an article for Gamedev.dou, the developers said that the game will take place in the future, where humanity is split into two camps – Cyborgs and Children of Gaia. ... Read more