Tensions between the US and China will slow down the chip industry – TSMC founder

Rising tensions between the US and China over technology will slow down the development of the semiconductor industry in the world. This opinion was expressed by the founder of the Taiwanese company TSMC Morris Zhang, writes Reuters. He believes that the separation of the Chinese chip industry from the rest ... Read more

TSMC may face stiffer competition in the semiconductor industry

TSMC may face stiffer competition in the semiconductor industry. This was stated by the founder of the Taiwanese manufacturer Morris Zhang, writes Nikkei Asia. He explained his opinion by saying that TSMC’s competitors are taking advantage of governments around the world’s desire to increase their own chip production capacity for ... Read more

Apple will buy all 3nm chips that TSMC can produce for new iPhones and Macs

Apple is going to use Taiwan Semiconductor’s (TSMC) new 3nm process for its next-generation chips, including the M3 series processors for Macs and the A17 Bionic for the next-generation iPhone. Apple’s order is so large that the company will buy all the chips that TSMC produces using this process, and ... Read more

10 largest companies in the world [by capitalization]

A few days ago, Apple became the first company in the world whose market capitalization exceeded $3 trillion. Is it a lot? A lot! There are only 6 countries in the world whose GDP exceeds 3 trillion – these are the USA, China, Japan, Germany, India and Great Britain. For ... Read more

TSMC will begin production of 3nm chips as early as next month

This was reported by the resource Commercial Times, referring to the statement of company representatives. The Taiwanese chipmaker is expected to be able to ship the first batches of products based on the new 3nm process (N3) to its partners early next year. Traditionally, TSMC begins mass production of the ... Read more

Samsung is the first to start producing 3 nm chips: they will have higher performance and lower power consumption

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd is the first in the world to start mass production of chips based on the main 3-nanometer technology. The company is looking for new customers and wants to compete more with TSMC in the chip manufacturing market. It was announced by Reuters. Compared with conventional 5-nanometer ... Read more