Yaroslav Azhniuk has announced the launch of Petcube Tracker. What can the tracker do and where does it work?

Petcube CEO and co-founder of Fuelfinance Yaroslav Azhnyuk announced the launch of Petcube Tracker. He wrote about this on his Facebook page. The app was created so that “no one would ever be afraid of losing their dog again.” “This is the product we have been working on for the ... Read more

Android smartphones have started receiving unknown tracker notifications

In addition to their direct use, trackers like Apple AirTag, Tile, and others have become a tool for unwanted surveillance of people. These are not only cases of privacy violations and harassment, but also, for example, the tracking of cars with subsequent theft. Not immediately, but manufacturers have responded to ... Read more

Apple and Google want to stop unwanted tracking of people with AirTag

Apple and Google are working together to prevent lost item trackers like AirTag from being used to track people without their permission, reports CNBC. The tech giants are aiming to develop a new industry standard that will alert victims about unwanted trackers on Android and iOS. AirTag from Apple went ... Read more

New York authorities urge car owners to use AirTag to prevent theft

The number of car thefts in New York is increasing, so the city authorities decided to find a technological way to prevent them. Officials see a partial solution to the problem in the use of AirTag trackers and drones. New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced the AirTag program, under ... Read more

The Nest Locator Tag could be a competitor to Google’s AirTag

GPS trackers have been on the market for quite some time. They help not to lose personal things, for example, keys or wallet, or even find your cat. Of course, Apple added to the popularity of this category of gadgets by releasing its own AirTag tracker. Android users, in turn, ... Read more

Google is working on a competitor to Apple AirTag, Samsung SmartTag, Tile and others

One category of gadgets that tech manufacturers like Apple and Samsung have recently started getting into is small tags that can be used to track the location of your keys, wallet, backpack, bag, etc. And it seems that Google also intends to introduce its own version of such geotagging. Developer ... Read more

A new case of tracking with Apple AirTag. This time the tracker was found on a police car in Japan

It seems that there are more high-profile cases of misuse of Apple AirTag trackers than with competitors’ devices. Mostly, such cases come down to car thefts and narcissistic boyfriends. The company continues to update the safety principles of the gadget and had to issue a separate manual for users of ... Read more