Tesla Powerwall

The Ministry of Digital Affairs is working on the creation of public places with Wi-Fi in Ukraine, which will work without electricity thanks to Powerwall and Starlink

Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov told in an interview to Forbes that there may be places in Ukraine where communication will be ensured in any situation with the help of Tesla Powerwall and Starlink. According to Fedorov, specialists are thinking about how to provide citizens with the most stable ... Read more

The Tesla Virtual Power Plant will pay PowerWall owners for assistance during outages

Tesla is launching a new virtual power plant that will pay Powerwall owners for helping stabilize the network during power outages. The project is created in partnership with PG&E, it will be started in California. This was reported by Elektrek. The virtual power plant will consist of distributed energy storage ... Read more

Ukraine received Tesla Powerwall stations from Elon Musk

In addition to Starlink terminals, Elon Musk transferred Tesla Powerwall stations to Ukraine. Today this was reported by Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov in his Telegram channel. “Today, two clinics in Borodianka and Irpin received solar panels and Tesla Powerwall energy saving systems. These solar panels and generators have ... Read more