Mercedes-Benz became the most valuable automotive brand in the world, Tesla is in second place

Mercedes-Benz has regained its position as the most valuable automotive brand in the world. This was reported by Ukraine’s automotive industry with reference to the Brand Finance report. The brand’s value increased by 1% to $59.4 billion. Mercedes-Benz not only maintained its premium status but also improved its operational and ... Read more

A Cybertruck engineer clarified the situation with rust on cars after rain. What does he recommend?

One of Tesla’s engineers who worked on the Cybertruck commented on the situation with rust on cars that have been exposed to rain for a long time, writes Business Insider. Engineer Wes Morrill explained everything in his post on the X platform. He wrote that the issue was not the ... Read more

Tesla Cybertruck owners complain that the car rusts in the rain

Some owners of the Tesla Cybertruck complain that the car starts to rust if it is left in the rain for a long time. At the same time, Elon Musk claimed that the car’s body is made of “ultra-hard stainless steel” and the glass is made of “transparent metal” that ... Read more

Tesla sold only one car in South Korea in January. This is an anti-record for a year and a half

Tesla sold only one electric car in South Korea in January 2024. This is attributed to a number of factors, from safety concerns to price and lack of charging infrastructure, writes Bloomberg. The only Tesla car sold was the Model Y compact electric crossover. That said, January was the automaker’s ... Read more

Tesla to pay $1.5 million fine in California hazardous waste case

Tesla has settled a lawsuit over hazardous waste at its facilities in California, reports TechCrunch. The lawsuit was filed by 25 counties in the state. The parties have now reached a settlement agreement under which the automaker will pay a $1.5 million fine. This amount consists of a $1.3 million ... Read more

Tesla is being sued over hazardous waste at the company’s facilities in California

In the United States, a group of 25 counties in California has filed a lawsuit against Tesla. They claim that the company mishandled hazardous waste at its facilities across the state, writes Reuters. The lawsuit was filed by Los Angeles, San Joaquin, San Francisco, and other counties in California state ... Read more

US court strips Elon Musk of $56 billion in Tesla remuneration

In the United States, a Delaware court has canceled a $56 billion payout to Elon Musk from Tesla. It was the largest compensation deal in the company’s history, writes TechCrunch. The company’s board of directors decided to pay the compensation in 2018. However, the following year, one of Tesla’s shareholders ... Read more

Tesla recalls 200 thousand cars in the US due to a problem with the rear view camera

Tesla recalls 200 000 cars in the US due to a faulty rearview camera, writes Engadget. The problem is that the camera does not turn on when the car is in reverse. The cause of the malfunction is a software glitch. Tesla has already processed 81 relevant complaints. With this ... Read more

Tesla increased revenue to $25.2 billion and is working on launching a new generation of cars

In the fourth quarter of 2023, Tesla earned $25.2 billion in revenue. This is 3% higher than in the same period of 2022, when the automaker’s revenue was $24.3 billion. This is stated in the company’s report. Tesla’s revenue in the last quarter of last year was also the highest ... Read more

Tesla plans to start production of affordable Redwood electric vehicles in 2025

Tesla has informed suppliers that it wants to start production of a new electric vehicle for the mass market in June 2025, writes Reuters with reference to informed sources. According to the agency’s interlocutors, the new car is codenamed Redwood. Some of them describe the future Tesla electric car as ... Read more

Tesla Model Y was recognized as the leader of the new car market in Europe in 2023

In 2023, for the first time in history, an electric car topped the ranking of the most popular new cars in Europe. This was reported by UkrAvtoprom with reference to Dataforce data. At the end of last year, the American electric car Tesla Model Y became the leader of the ... Read more

Uber offers drivers exclusive benefits to encourage them to buy Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

Uber has partnered with Tesla to promote the use of electric vehicles among its drivers in the United States, reports Reuters. In addition to the existing federal tax incentives, Uber offers drivers exclusive incentives of up to $2 thousand to buy Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. “We know from ... Read more

Engineering Explained YouTuber questions video of Tesla Cybertruck and Porsche 911 race

There are many scandals surrounding Tesla and its statements about the capabilities of its electric vehicles. These include complaints about the overall quality of assembly, inconsistencies between final products and announcements, frequent delays in the production and delivery of new models, problems with the autopilot, etc. A recent event to ... Read more

Humanoid robot Optimus has learned to fold clothes, but it doesn’t do it autonomously

Tesla’s humanoid robot Optimus is learning new skills. This time, it has learned to fold a T-shirt on a table. The demonstrative video was published by Elon Musk, writes TechCrunch. The robot behaves quite skillfully, although it does so slowly, and the result of its actions is far from perfect. ... Read more

Elon Musk wants more control over Tesla, otherwise he will create products outside the company

Elon Musk is seeking more control over the automaker Tesla, reports Reuters. According to the billionaire, he is “uncomfortable developing Tesla as a leader in artificial intelligence and robotics without having ~25% of the vote.” This is almost double his current share. Elon Musk explained that this is enough to ... Read more

The risk of accidents due to Autopilot: Tesla recalls more than 1.6 million cars in China

Tesla has recalled almost all cars sold in China. This was due to problems with the Autopilot system that increase the risk of accidents, reports Bloomberg. This includes more than 1.6 million cars manufactured between August 2014 and December 2023, including locally produced Model 3 and Model Y and imported ... Read more

First accident involving a Cybertruck occurs in the United States

The first accident involving a Cybertruck electric pickup truck occurs in the United States. Photos from the scene of the accident were posted on Reddit, and soon the information about the incident was confirmed by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), writes The Verge. According to the patrol, two cars were ... Read more

This year, China’s BYD will overtake Tesla to become the world’s largest electric vehicle manufacturer

Elon Musk once ridiculed the idea that China’s BYD could compete with Tesla. But by the end of the fourth quarter of 2023, BYD should be ahead of Tesla in terms of the number of electric vehicles produced and become the world leader in the sale of all-electric cars, writes ... Read more

Tesla recalls 120 thousand cars in the US due to a door safety issue

Tesla has announced that it is recalling 120,423 vehicles in the United States. This is the second time in a few weeks that the automaker has taken such measures. This was reported by Engadget. This time, we’re talking about Tesla Model S and X manufactured between 2021 and 2023. The ... Read more

Tesla acquires land to build another megafactory in China

While the US government is trying to limit technology investments in China, Elon Musk and Tesla continue to invest in China. Tesla recently acquired land to build another megafactory in Shanghai, reports Reuters. Tesla paid 222.42 million yuan ($31.13 million) for the rights to use the 19.7-hectare plot. The site ... Read more

Elon Musk wants to turn Cybertruck into a boat, this plan is already in the works

Elon Musk wants to turn the Cybertruck electric pickup truck into a boat. According to him, a corresponding plan is already in the works, writes The Register. “We are going to offer a mod package that enables Cybertruck to traverse at least 100m of water as a boat,” said Tesla’s ... Read more

Tesla has unveiled the second generation of the humanoid robot Optimus. What can it do?

Tesla has unveiled a new generation of its humanoid robot Optimus. The company posted the video on YouTube. The video lasts about two minutes and shows the capabilities of Optimus Gen 2. For example, the robot’s movements, especially the upper body, look quite impressive. In the video, the company listed ... Read more

Tesla to update software for more than 2 million cars in the US due to autopilot defect

Tesla has to unscheduled update the software of more than two million cars in the US. The company is taking such actions after the US regulator discovered a defect in the Autopilot system, writes BBC. This was preceded by a two-year investigation of 956 accidents that occurred while using the ... Read more

Tesla will still be able to sue Cybertruck owners for quick resale of pickups

Tesla may still sue at least some Cybertruck owners for reselling the car within the first year from the date of delivery. This was reported by Engadget with reference to Electrek. This refers to the relevant clause in the order agreement. It became known in November, a few weeks before ... Read more

Real-world range of electric cars from Consumer Reports: Mercedes and BMW are the best; Tesla and Lucid are the worst

Recently, an interesting study was published by Consumer Reports on the real autonomy of electric vehicles and comparison with the declared range of the EPA (the American agency that has formed the rules for the test cycle). The main “highlight” is that the ERA cycle provides for a combined cycle ... Read more