Tesla Model 3 electric car got a new battery and… reduced range?!

We are used to the slogan “faster, higher, stronger” and we expect continuous improvement in the results of automotive technology updates. However, sometimes the opposite happens. Here, for example, the publication electrek reports on the recovery of sales of the Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD in the US market ... Read more

Tesla customers have had thousands of complaints about driverless cars of the company, data leak reveals

Tesla customers have reported thousands of problems with the Full Self-Driving (FSD) system over several years. This is stated in the 100 GB of data that Tesla whistleblowers gave to the German publication Handelsblatt, writes The Verge. The information, which includes complaints from drivers in the US, Europe and Asia, ... Read more

Tesla Bots have learned to walk slowly and move things

Tesla has released new footage of its Tesla Bots in what appears to be a production-ready chassis. In the video, they slowly move forward without the stumbling that viewers saw during the first screening. This is reported by The Verge. Obviously, robots can do other things like pick up objects ... Read more

Musk still can’t write all he wants about Tesla yet

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has again failed to appeal a restraining order requiring lawyers to review some of his Tesla-related tweets, reports Engadget. A federal appeals court in Manhattan rejected Musk’s claim that a 2018 settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) unfairly imposed “prior restraints” on his free ... Read more

Driver fatigue monitoring functions were found in the Tesla code

Tesla has long used cameras in the interior of its electric cars to monitor hand position and the driver’s attention to the road while using Autopilot. The autonomous control system requires you to keep your hands on the steering wheel and be ready to take control at any moment, and ... Read more

Tesla Model 3 update: how do you like these exterior and interior options?

Information about the Tesla Model 3 update is spreading around the world, but so far no one has seen the production version of the electric car. That is why there are more and more design options for the Tesla Model 3 from third-party authors. We will remind that a photo ... Read more

Tesla’s new factory will provide lithium batteries for 1 million electric cars by 2025

Tesla has officially begun construction of a lithium plant in Texas, becoming the only US automaker to process its own lithium. This was reported by TechCrunch. According to the CEO of the company, Elon Musk, by 2025, the plant will produce enough lithium for batteries for 1 million electric cars. ... Read more

US senators called the Tesla security review a sham and set a deadline for Musk

US senators have sent Tesla CEO Elon Musk a letter expressing concern over reports that Tesla is using arbitration clauses in contracts to avoid public liability for rampant workplace discrimination and shocking vehicle safety lapses. This is reported by Ars Technica. “We are deeply concerned that the arbitration agreements you ... Read more

Tesla introduced the Model S Plaid Track Package, which increases the top speed to 322 km/h

Tesla now offers the Model S Plaid Track Package, which increases the top speed of the electric car to 322 km/h (200 mph). It costs from $15,000 to $20,000. Model S Plaid track pack coming soon pic.twitter.com/a2YtxnVu22 — Tesla (@Tesla) May 4, 2023 Last year, Tesla added Track Mode, which ... Read more

Musk might be questioned in court because of the fatal accident with the Tesla autopilot

Elon Musk may have to give three hours of testimony in a trial over a 2018 Tesla crash involving an autopilot, reports Engadget. The billionaire was ordered to do it by Judge Evette Pennypacker. He may have to answer questions about the accident in which Apple engineer Walter Huang died ... Read more

Elon Musk announced an event dedicated to the start of deliveries of the Tesla Cybertruck in the third quarter of this year

Tesla will hold a special event dedicated to the start of deliveries of the long-awaited Cybertruck electric pickup truck. The event will take place in the third quarter of this year. Elon Musk announced this during a telephone conversation with investors. The first Cybertruck is expected to roll off the ... Read more

Is an update for the Tesla Model 3 in the works?

A few days ago, the photo you see above spread across the network. It appears to be a modified “nose” of the Tesla Model 3 electric car; however, the details are still unclear – whether this is a custom home-made version or a prototype of a future updated version. After ... Read more

Tesla Cybertruck huge windshield wiper caught on video

A video of a drone circling over the Gigafactory in Texas has been published online. In it, you can see how the long-awaited electric pickup Tesla Cybertruck passes tests in the wind tunnel. In particular, at the 13:42 mark, you can see the operation of a huge windshield wiper, which ... Read more

Tesla deepens cooperation with China and will open a new Megafactory in Shanghai

Tesla has announced the opening of a new Megafactory in Shanghai, China, which will be capable of producing 10,000 Megapacks per year, reports CNBC. A Megapack is a large battery that stores energy that can be used to stabilize the power grid and prevent outages. Batteries also allow grid operators ... Read more

Tesla employees had access to confidential videos taken by customers’ cars

Between 2019 and 2022, groups of workers at Tesla privately exchanged sometimes highly private videos and images captured by customers’ car cameras via an internal messaging system, writes Reuters. While Tesla assures electric car owners that their privacy is important, some of the videos that have been shared have put ... Read more

Tesla wants to produce 4 million Tesla Model 2 electric cars annually

This is reported by Carscoops, in turn, based on reports from Tesla’s manufacturing partners. Interestingly, the Tesla Model 2 electric car itself does not yet exist, but plans and comments from production partners indicate gradual preparation for the series. It is expected that the Tesla Model 2 electric car will ... Read more

Tesla managed to deliver a record 422,875 electric cars in the first quarter of 2023

Tesla Company announced that deliveries of its electric vehicles in the first quarter of 2023 amounted to 422,875 units, including 412,180 Model 3 and Y and 10,695 Model S and X. This is a record for Tesla, which is 36% higher than the results of the first quarter of 2022 ... Read more

Elon Musk’s tweets about a “coronavirus leak from a Chinese lab” could be a problem for Tesla in China

CNBC reports that Chinese state-run newspaper The Global Times warned Elon Musk against promoting the theory about the “coronavirus leak from a Chinese laboratory”. Ever since Elon Musk announced his intention to buy Twitter, it was obvious that at some point the content of the service would become the cause ... Read more

The first Tesla Supercharger charging station for electric cars of various brands was spotted in the USA

We recently reported that Tesla, together with other companies and the American government, agreed to develop a network of charging stations across the United States. In particular, Tesla will make available 7,500 of its Supercharger stations for electric vehicles of other brands. It seems that the process has already started, ... Read more

Tesla recalls 362,000 electric cars in the US due to beta version of Autopilot that could cause accidents

Tesla has said it is recalling 362,000 electric cars in the US for a beta version of its Full Self-Driving (FSD) software after a US regulator said the driver assistance system did not comply with traffic safety laws and could cause accidents, reports Reuters. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ... Read more

Tesla will make available 7,500 of its charging stations in the US for electric cars of other brands

The administration of the US president has announced new initiatives as part of its $7.5 billion plan to install 500,000 charging stations for electric vehicles by 2030. One of them is the opening of 7,500 Tesla charging stations for electric cars of other brands by the end of 2024. In ... Read more

Tesla Autopilot found not to have caused fatal Texas crash in 2021

The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has ruled that Tesla’s Autopilot system was not responsible for the fatal 2021 Tesla Model S crash in Texas. This week, NTSB investigators released their final report, which found that the driver was driving the car before the collision with the tree and ... Read more

The next Tesla Cybertruck prototype caught in public

Instagram user Flavio Tronzano posted on his profile a photo and video of a Tesla Cybertruck he saw in Palo Alto. Apparently, this is one of the prototypes that the company built specifically for testing in real conditions. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Flavio Tronzano (@ftronz) ... Read more

Tesla has received a patent for a new glass for the Cybertruck

One of the loudest projects among modern electric cars (and cars in general) is the Tesla Cybertruck — an unusual pickup truck with a futuristic design. Among its features is armored glass, which suffered a major defeat during the first demonstration. Twice. The company has been investing in development, including ... Read more

In 2016, Tesla released a video of autopilot working, now it has become known that it was staged

In 2016, the Tesla company released a video in which it showed the operation of its autopilot system, in particular, the video demonstrated that the Model X electric car can stop at a red traffic light and start at a green one. However, according to the director of Autopilot software, ... Read more