Telegram launches TON Space crypto wallet, but it won’t be available in the US

Telegram has integrated a cryptocurrency wallet based on The Open Network into the app for its more than 800 million monthly active users. The wallet is called TON Space and will be available through Telegram settings, writes The Block citing The Open Network Foundation. TON Space can be accessed by ... Read more

Telegram rolls out Stories, but not everyone can create them

Telegram users can finally share their own Stories. Everyone can see them, but only Premium subscription owners can publish them. This was reported by 9to5Mac. With Stories, users can share photos and videos that disappear after a while. At the same time, they can choose when exactly the story will ... Read more

Telegram assures that the messages of their users are securely encrypted

Everything that users send to Telegram is securely encrypted. This was stated by the company’s representative, Remi Vaughn, commenting for Mezha.Media on the information that thanks to the received technologies, the Federal Security Service of Russia learned to track correspondence in encrypted messengers, including Telegram. He explained that while no ... Read more

Russia’s Federal Security Service has learned to monitor, but not read correspondence in Telegram, WhatsApp and Signal

Thanks to the obtained technologies, the Federal Security Service of Russia learned to monitor correspondence in encrypted messengers Telegram, WhatsApp and Signal. This is reported by Babel with reference to The New York Times. The FSB can also track phone locations, identify anonymous users, and hack accounts. Russian technology firms ... Read more

Telegram will get stories. They will be displayed from 6 to 48 hours

Soon Stories will appear in Telegram, which will be placed above the list of chats, writes GRUNT with reference to the founder of the messenger Pavel Durov. Users will be able to choose who sees each of their Stories. They will also be able to edit photos and videos, add ... Read more

The American state of Montana has banned TikTok and the use of Telegram by state employees

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte signed a bill SB 419, which effectively bans the social network TikTok in the state. This is the first such ban in the United States. The new law requires app stores to remove TikTok from their offerings for Montana residents, reports The Verge. Governor Gianforte justified ... Read more

A dangerous vulnerability in Telegram remotely activates the camera and microphone on macOS

A dangerous bug was discovered in Telegram that allows attackers to activate the camera and microphone on laptops with macOS. This was announced by Google engineer Dan Reva, writes Forbes. He discovered a vulnerability in the Telegram app for macOS and was able to bypass the TCC by giving unauthorized ... Read more

The CIA started a channel in Telegram and offers the russians to leak secret data

The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has launched a new campaign on Telegram that aims to take advantage of what US intelligence officials say is an “unprecedented” chance to persuade Russians disillusioned with the war in Ukraine and life in Russia to share classified information, writes CNN. This initiative includes ... Read more

The mobile version of Telegram has also received an energy saving mode

Recently we reported that macOS-version of Telegram received energy saving mode. Now the company has released an update for the mobile application that adds Power Saving Mode. Energy saving mode allows you to disable Telegram animations and other effects. This will reduce the load on the chipset and thereby extend ... Read more

Telegram for macOS received a power saving mode

Telegram for macOS has received a new Power Saving Mode, which should reduce the power consumption of the application. The update is available in Telegram 9.4.1 version. In power-saving mode, the application turns off various animations, autoplay of videos and gifs, and other interface effects. As a result, Telegram uses ... Read more

Meta is testing Telegram-like channels for Instagram

Mark Zuckerberg demonstrated “broadcast channels”, a new Instagram feature that allows sharing one-way messages in the application. The company is testing the feature with several authors and plans to add Telegram-like functionality to Facebook and Messenger. Broadcast channels allow authors to send updates to their followers, similar to Telegram channels. ... Read more

Telegram has added the option to register without a SIM card

Telegram users are well aware that to register in the messenger from the very beginning it was necessary to use a phone number that was linked to the account and served as a login. Telegram developers note that the number was never shown to third parties, unless users themselves allowed ... Read more

You can now buy and sell a short username on Telegram

Messenger Telegram has officially launched the announced before ability to buy and sell short, recognizable usernames for personal accounts, public groups and channels. The whole process is implemented through the Fragment live auction. Ownership of Telegram collective names must be secured in the immutable registry of TON, a scalable blockchain ... Read more

Where to read news on Telegram and Viber — AIN

Monday morning was difficult due to the massive shelling of Ukrainian cities by Russian forces. Of course, in such moments of crisis, people’s attention is focused on the news. Unfortunately, not all sources are verified and inform about the real situation in the country. Editorial office of AIN very aptly ... Read more

Try entering “bavovna” on Telegram on Android, Windows or Mac

Telegram constantly adds new features, which are announced during releases, but the messenger sometimes has “Easter eggs”. One of these was recently noticed by Ukrainian users. If you enter the word “bavovna” in Ukrainian in the message, the program will provide the corresponding emoji tips. This feature is currently available ... Read more

Durov wrote about the sale of nicknames in Telegram and received a lot of dislikes, which he had to hide

After launching paid subscription Telegram Premium, which users met without much enthusiasm, the founder of the messenger Pavel Durov, it seems, continues to actively look for ways to monetize his service. His next step could be the emergence of a blockchain-based platform for the sale of nicknames and in the ... Read more

Durov complains about Apple because they are allegedly delaying the “revolutionary” update of Telegram

Telegram founder Pavel Durov periodically criticizes Apple for the limitations of its platform. Last year, he called the company’s smartphones “medieval” and iPhone users “digital slaves.” “Owning an iPhone makes you a digital slave to Apple – you’re only allowed to use apps that Apple allows you to install through ... Read more

The most popular social networks in Ukraine during the war – research by Global Logic

Over the last year, the number of users of social networks in Ukraine has increased – from 60% of the population in 2021 to 76.6% in July 2022. This is evidenced by GlobalLogic research. The full-scale invasion resulted in many Ukrainians beginning to use social networks as a source of ... Read more

Telegram has more than 700 million users and is launching a premium subscription

The popularity of Telegram is growing, the program for instant messaging for the first time surpassed the mark of 700 million active users per month. Along with this achievement, the messenger is officially launching a premium subscription to monetize its audience, as previously announced by the founder of the service ... Read more

Telegram will receive a paid premium version

The popular Telegram messenger will have not only a free but also a premium version, said the founder of the service Pavlo Durov. According to him, the innovation should expand the capabilities of users who will be willing to pay for them, rather than limit the available free features. “A ... Read more

10 GB VPN service users database dumped on Telegram

The data of users of several VPN-services was SQL dumped on Telegram. A total of 21 million entries were leaked, including e-mail addresses, names and passwords. The dump revealed the data of users of several VPN services, including free GeckoVPN, SuperVPN and ChatVPN. The dump was first put up for ... Read more

Ukrainian Internet after the war beginning: Telegram entered the top 5 sites, Rozetka and Prom dropped out of the top ten

According to Kantar CMeter, the war naturally had a significant impact on the behavior of Ukrainians on the Internet. In March, users were most interested in the news. Nine news resources were included in the rating: (7th place), (10th place), (14th place), (15th place), (18th ... Read more

Cyberpolice warns of attempted theft of Telegram accounts

Cyberpolice of Ukraine warns of new targeted attacks in Telegram. Attackers distribute messages asking them to verify their account or perform other actions in Telegram via a link that leads to a fake website of the service. In this way, fraudsters gain access to the account and can intercept one-time ... Read more