Steam prices in Argentina and Turkey skyrocketed +2900%!

As announced a month ago, starting November 20, 2023. Steam has implemented a new pricing policy for Latin America and the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa). As a result, prices for some games have jumped by hundreds and thousands of percent, writes PC Gamer. Among other adjustments, starting ... Read more

Steam has improved the presentation of gamepads in the store

As we have noted many times before, most modern games, even on PCs, are more convenient to play with a gamepad. And we are not just talking about racing simulators and sports games. Gamepads are now a must-have tool for gamers. Valve seems to understand this as well, because the ... Read more

The Steam Fall Sale will take place on November 21-28, 2023

The traditional Steam Fall Sale will be held from 20:00 on November 21 to 20:00 on November 28, 2023 (Kyiv time). During the sale, players will be able to nominate their favorite games for this year’s Steam Awards. This year’s prizes are awarded in 11 different categories, including one updated ... Read more

10 most popular Steam games of 2023 by number of players

Critical acclaim and revenue are, of course, very important indicators of the success of gaming projects, but no less, and in fact, perhaps more important, is the number of players who have launched the game, including the number of simultaneous online players. Fortunately, some tools, such as SteamDB, allow you ... Read more

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III joins Overwatch 2 in the list of the worst games of 2023

It seems that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, which was developed at an accelerated pace, did not appeal to players. The game joined Overwatch 2 and some other AAA projects this year on the list of the worst Steam games of all time. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, ... Read more

Steam may allow to hide games that a player is ashamed of

The Steam game store is considering introducing a new feature that will allow users to mark individual games as private, hiding them from their friends and the public. This feature was hinted at by Pavel Djundik, the creator of the SteamDB tool who published a screenshot showing the “Mark as ... Read more

Steam Deck already supports over 12,000 games

The fact that Valve’s Steam Deck portable console already supports more than 12,000 games from the Steam library was pointed out by the GamingOnLinux website. According to SteamDB, Steam Deck currently supports 12,132 games. At the same time, 4,068 of them are officially verified by Valve, and another 8,064 are ... Read more

Season of Blood has started in Diablo IV, and the game is finally out on Steam

The second season of Diablo IV, Season of Blood, has started. At the same time, it started with a slight delay due to the launch of the game on Steam. Just like in the first season, players will get a new quest line, new bosses at the end of the ... Read more

Valve introduces SMS confirmation for developers publishing their games on Steam

Valve has reported that in recent months, the number of complaints about hijacking developer accounts on Steam, from which game builds infected with malware are published, has increased. To prevent such cases, the company has introduced additional security measures, reports Bleeping Computer. From now on, all developers on Steamworks will ... Read more

Diablo IV will be available on Steam

In the summer, Blizzard announced plans to launch its projects on Steam, with the first “swallow” being Overwatch 2, which was released on August 10. And now it has become known that the next game will be Diablo IV – the game will be released on Steam on October 17, ... Read more

GeForce RTX 3060 is the most popular video card among Steam users

A few days ago, Steam once again updated the statistics on the use of various hardware platforms by users of the gaming service. Among the tangible changes in September, we can note that the most popular video card is GeForce RTX 3060, which replaced GeForce GTX 1650. “That’s been done ... Read more

The share of Steam users on Linux continues to fall for the second month in a row

After a fairly successful July, when the percentage of Steam users on Linux rose to almost 2%, outpacing MacOS, Linux lost ground in August, dropping to 1.82%, and in September to 1.63%. Detailed statistics from Steam Survey on Linux show that SteamOS Holo, the operating system running Steam Deck, lost ... Read more

2K’s NBA 2K24 became the second worst Steam game

The official NBA sports simulator from 2K, NBA 2K24, received extremely negative reviews from players and became one of the worst Steam games. The game competes for the first place from the end with Overwatch 2. NBA 2K24 is criticized for poor optimization on PCs, outdated graphics, excessive system requirements, ... Read more

Steam is 20 years old!

Steam, the popular digital game distribution service, is 20 years old! The first version of Steam was launched on September 12, 2003, and at the time, when not everyone had fast and stable Internet access, it seemed like a complete nonsense. Many players considered the requirement to connect to Steam ... Read more

Steam will show compatibility of games with PlayStation controllers

Starting in October, Valve will provide information on Steam about game compatibility with Sony’s DualSense or DualShock controllers, writes Engadget. “This is the first step towards helping players find games that support the most common computer game controllers,” the company said. To do this, developers will be asked to fill ... Read more

Rockstar sold a pirated version of Midnight Club II on Steam

Twitter user Silent drew attention to the fact that the version of the racing arcade game Midnight Club II (2003) by Rockstar Games, which was sold on Steam, is a cracked version of the game by Razor 1911, which is directly stated in the game’s files. OH FOR CHRIST’S SAKE ... Read more

The most popular Steam games released from August 14 to 20, 2023.

New Steam statistics from ICO Partners for the week. This time, there were no scandals or big names, just a normal week before a major gaming exhibition. In total, 253 new games were released on Steam last week, 73 of which have more than 10 ratings, so sales are in ... Read more

Ukrainian Games Festival 2023 has started on Steam

Just like last year, Ukrainian Games Festival 2023 has started on Steam on the occasion of Ukraine’s Independence Day. As in 2022, this event is an initiative of the Ukrainian gaming community led by GTP Media, the organizers of the Indie Cup festival and the Ukrainian Games platform. The festival ... Read more

Steam changes may result in higher game prices in some countries

Valve, the company behind the popular gaming platform Steam, has made changes to its minimum price policy for some currencies other than the US dollar, which may have implications for those selling games and add-ons for less than $5, Engadget reports. Valve has warned game publishers and developers that if ... Read more

The most popular Steam games released from August 7 to 13, 2023

The latest Steam statistics from ICO Partners for the past week. The first place goes to the game that took the most hits in history. In total, 201 games were released on Steam last week, with only 66 games having more than 10 ratings. Top Steam games released from August ... Read more

Most of the 100,000+ negative reviews for Overwatch 2 were written by Chinese players

Daniel Ahmed from the analytical company Niko Partners drew attention to an interesting feature of Overwatch 2 review bombing on Steam – the lion’s share of negative reviews were written by Chinese players. Although Chinese players tend to express the same complaints about the game as Westerners, there are some ... Read more

Overwatch 2 is the worst Steam game according to player reviews

On August 10, 2023, Overwatch 2 was released on Steam, becoming the first Blizzard game to be released on the service. And perhaps the last, as Steam users greeted the release of Overwatch 2 with bayonets. The game received a barrage of negative reviews and currently has a Steam rating ... Read more

Valve begins selling officially refurbished Steam Deck consoles

Valve has announced the appearance of officially restored / Certified refurbished Steam Deck consoles. “All officially refurbished Steam Deck units are thoroughly tested to the same high standards as new units. Each unit undergoes a full factory reset, software update, and an extensive checklist of over 100 tests. This includes ... Read more

The most popular Steam games released between July 31 and August 6, 2023.

New Steam stats from ICO Partners for the past week. And it seems we all know which game attracted the most players and received the most reviews last week. A total of 278 games were released on Steam last week, 66 of which received more than 10 reviews, meaning some ... Read more

Linux surpasses MacOS among Steam gamers, Windows takes the lead

The Linux operating system has overtaken Apple’s macOS in popularity among gamers on the Steam game distribution platform. This is evidenced by the results of the July Steam survey, writes Ars Technica. The company regularly asks users to anonymously evaluate their hardware and publishes the information collected on a monthly ... Read more