GIMP has received a new update, and version 3.0 is just around the corner

The graphical editor GIMP has received a new update 2.10.36, which, according to the developers, may be one of the last before the release of a new major version 3.0. 2.10.36 added support for palettes from Adobe Swatch Exchange (ASE) and Adobe Color Book (ACB), as well as for non-square ... Read more

A new version of the Linux kernel has been released

Linux kernel version 6.6 has been officially released, and Linus Torvalds talked about it in a new blog post. According to The Register, the new kernel version of the KSMBD server for the SMB network protocol has new features for file sharing and improved interprocess communication in Linux. Also in ... Read more

The Steam client has received several important updates

The Steam development team announced the release of a new version of the Steam client, which contains all new features that have successfully passed beta testing. The most important changes concern the unification and sharing of code for the Steam desktop client, Big Picture mode, and Steam Deck. This means ... Read more