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In the EU, access to Instagram or Facebook without ads can cost $14 per month

Meta is considering introducing a fee of up to $14 for users in the European Union to access Instagram or Facebook without ads. This was reported by The Economic Times with reference to The Wall Street Journal. For example, the cost of access on a desktop computer can be about ... Read more

AI tools for image editing will appear on Instagram

Meta has introduced new AI-based features for image editing on Instagram, writes Engadget. We’re talking about the new “restyle” and “backdrop” tools. The former resembles a powerful AI-based filter that allows you to modify existing photos and give them a different look. The second tool allows you to work with ... Read more

EU warns Elon Musk after Platform X proves to be a leader in disinformation

The EU has warned Elon Musk about the need to comply with new laws on fake news and Russian propaganda after Platform X turned out to be the leader in terms of disinformation among all major social networks, writes The Guardian. The high level of disinformation on the platform was ... Read more

Meta shows updated Facebook logo – the most attentive will notice the changes

Meta updates the Facebook logo. The changes are hardly drastic, but they are there. The blue color has become slightly darker, and the letter “f” looks a little different, writes The Verge. The company says that it strives to make the updated design, in particular, more bold. It also emphasizes ... Read more

Elon Musk announces a monthly fee for X users to fight bots

Platform X, which was previously known as Twitter, is “switching to a small monthly fee.” This was stated by Elon Musk during a live broadcast of a conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, writes CNBC. According to him, fees for using the X system are being introduced to combat ... Read more

Elon Musk wants to sue the ADL over allegations of anti-semitism

Elon Musk announces the intention of Company X to file a lawsuit against the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) for defamation, reports TechCrunch. The billionaire accused the ADL, an organization that fights anti-Semitism, of falsely accusing him and X of anti-semitism. “To clear our platform’s name on the matter of anti-Semitism, it ... Read more

Social media are unable to resist Russian propaganda, – EU

Social media has failed to stop Russia’s “large-scale” disinformation campaigns since the invasion of Ukraine. This is reported by BBC with reference to the European Commission report. “Over the course of 2022, the audience and reach of Kremlin-aligned social media accounts increased substantially all over Europe,” the study found. At ... Read more

X Elon Musk plans to collect biometric data and information about users’ work and education

Social network X, formerly known as Twitter, has updated its privacy policy. Now the company intends to collect biometric data of users, writes Bloomberg. “Based on your consent, we may collect and use your biometric information for safety, security, and identification purposes,” the company said in its new policy. At ... Read more

Elon Musk announces video and audio calls on the X platform, they will work on iOS, Android, Mac, and PC

Elon Musk has announced video and audio calls on the X platform, which was called Twitter before the rebranding. The billionaire wrote about the new features in a post. According to him, the innovation will have a unique set of factors. First, calls will work on iOS, Android, Mac, and ... Read more

Elon Musk was booed via Twitter at the Valorant tournament in Los Angeles

Elon Musk’s appearance at the Valorant eSports tournament led to an unexpected reaction from the crowd – people booed the billionaire. The incident was reported by PC Gamer. It happened on the final day of the Valorant Champions 2023 tournament, which took place in Los Angeles from August 6 to ... Read more

Donald Trump posted his prison photo on Elon Musk’s social network X

Donald Trump is back on X, the social network formerly known as Twitter. In a post, he posted his prison photo and wrote: “Election meddling. Never give up!”. This was reported by The Verge. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 25, 2023 The day before, the former president ... Read more

Meta finally launches web version of Threads social network

Meta is finally launching a full-fledged web version of its Threads social network. Users will be able to publish posts here, interact with other posts, and view the feed. This was stated by the company’s spokeswoman Christine Pye, writes The Verge. The interface of the web version is very similar ... Read more

Threads lost almost 80% of daily active users on Android

After the initial hype, Threads continues to lose users. In just a month after its launch, the number of active daily users of the Android platform decreased by 79%, writes Similarweb. As of August 7, that number was down to 10.3 million. This is a significant decrease from July 7, ... Read more

Threads should get a web version and search within a few weeks

In the coming weeks, the Threads platform will get a web version and a search function, emphasized Mark Zuckerberg in his post. “A good week for Threads. The community here is on the trajectory I expect to build a vibrant long term app. Lots of work ahead but excited about ... Read more

Threads has lost 82% of its daily active users, and the decline on the platform is still ongoing

Meta’s Threads platform is struggling to retain users about a month after its much-hyped launch. According to recent industry estimates, app engagement has fallen to new lows, writes CNN. According to Sensor Tower, since its launch, the number of daily active users of Threads has fallen 82% to 8 million ... Read more

Apple has broken its own rule: Twitter has officially changed its name to X in the App Store

As part of the rebrand, Twitter has officially changed its name to X in the App Store. The change comes after weeks of gradually renaming the site and app interface. However, the rebranding process was not without difficulties. Twitter faced obstacles in changing its actual name in the App Store ... Read more

Facebook has over 3 billion monthly active users

The Facebook social network has more than 3 billion monthly active users. This is evidenced by the data of Meta’s quarterly report, reports TechCrunch. The staggering number proves that the platform is far from dead, despite the decline in popularity among young people. The daily number of active Facebook users ... Read more

Mark Zuckerberg believes that Threads can attract1 billion users

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has high hopes for the Threads platform. This was reported by The Verge. During a call with investors, he was asked about his expectations for the long-term success of the new social network. According to Zuckerberg, it’s “weird anomaly in the tech industry that there hasn’t ... Read more

After Elon Musk’s rebranding of Twitter, the company cuts ad prices

X Corp. is slashing ad prices in an effort to bring brands back to the Elon Musk-owned platform. This is reported by The Wall Street Journal with reference to emails sent to advertisers. The social network, formerly known as Twitter, is offering new incentives for certain advertising formats in the ... Read more

In the US, schools are suing social media over classroom discipline issues

In the US, lawyers are persuading school boards to file lawsuits against social networks, arguing that their apps cause mental health problems, disciplinary problems in classrooms and distract from learning. This is reported by The Wall Street Journal. Nearly 200 school districts across the country have joined the lawsuits against ... Read more

Elon Musk will get rid of the blue bird on the Twitter logo and replace it with an “X”

Elon Musk has announced the rebranding of Twitter, within which the well-known blue bird logo will be replaced by the “X” sign. This was reported by Reuters. The billionaire made the announcement after recently admitting that advertising revenue remains at almost half of what it once was. According to Musk, ... Read more

Branded content tools will move from Instagram to Threads

Instagram plans to move its branded content tools to its new Threads platform. This is reported by Axios. Such tools are not yet available on Threads, but Instagram plans to address this issue quickly. This will give marketers an opportunity to start experimenting with paid promotion. For their part, brands ... Read more

Americans who don’t use TikTok see it as a threat, poll finds

59% of American adults see TikTok as dangerous, but this perception varies depending on whether a person uses the social network. This is evidenced by the results of a Pew Research Center survey, writes Engadget. Only 9% of TikTok users see the social app as a big threat. At the ... Read more

Threads will cross the 100 million user mark amid falling Twitter traffic

The number of users of the new Threads platform will soon reach 100 million, writes The Economic Times. Meta launched Threads only last week for iOS and Android users in 100 countries, and is currently the most popular free app on the App Store and Google Play. The new platform ... Read more

Meta is working to ensure that deleting an account in Threads does not erase an Instagram profile

Meta is working to allow users to delete their accounts on the new Threads platform without deleting their Instagram profile. This was announced by the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, writes Engadget. According to him, Meta is aware of this situation and is looking for a way to solve it. ... Read more