Signal now allows you to hide your phone number

Signal has implemented the ability for users to choose nicknames that will be displayed instead of their phone number. Such solution will help to ensure the confidentiality of the application users’ information. The option is still in public testing. You can try the feature in a special Signal beta app ... Read more

Signal adds username creation feature

Signal is introducing a new feature for users that allows them to create custom names for themselves so that they don’t have to share their number with others, writes The Verge. The feature is currently under testing, and the developers warn that users may experience various problems with it. Jim ... Read more

Signal found no evidence of rumors about a new vulnerability in the messenger

Over the weekend, rumors began to circulate online about a new vulnerability in the Signal messenger that allows attackers to gain full access to the device. The company claims that it has not been able to find confirmation of these complaints, writes Bleeping Computer. Reportedly, through the function of creating ... Read more

Signal adds PQXDH cryptographic protocol to protect against possible hacking by quantum computers

Signal messenger has announced a significant update to its cryptographic protocol aimed at increasing its resilience to potential future threats from quantum computing. The update, called PQXDH, is an extension of Signal’s existing X3DH specification. This step is intended to create an additional layer of protection against the possibility of ... Read more

Russia’s Federal Security Service has learned to monitor, but not read correspondence in Telegram, WhatsApp and Signal

Thanks to the obtained technologies, the Federal Security Service of Russia learned to monitor correspondence in encrypted messengers Telegram, WhatsApp and Signal. This is reported by Babel with reference to The New York Times. The FSB can also track phone locations, identify anonymous users, and hack accounts. Russian technology firms ... Read more

Signal secure messenger got stories for some reason

It is not entirely clear why a messenger that primarily specializes in the security of communication needs such functionality at all, but still – the developer announces that Signal finally has its stories. According to them, this was one of the most common requests for new features from users. As ... Read more