Despite the sanctions, 1,057 foreign components from 155 companies are used in russian weapons

Despite the sanctions, the russian military-industrial complex continues to receive Western electronic components. In russian weapons and equipment, 1,057 Western components from 155 companies, mostly from the USA, were counted. This is reported by Babel citing the report The International Working Group on Russian Sanctions. According to the study, critical ... Read more

The EU sanctions russian IT companies that help bypass export bans

The European Union announced the eleventh package of sanctions against russia due to its aggressive invasion of Ukraine. This time, it is trying to fight key Moscow IT providers and organizations created to circumvent export bans. This is reported by The Register. The IT companies that Europe wants to harm ... Read more

Seagate fined $300 million for supplying Huawei drives during sanctions

The US government imposed a fine of $300 million on Seagate for alleged violation of export controls on the supply of hard drives to the Chinese company Huawei, writes BBC. According to the US Department of Commerce, Seagate Technology supplied Huawei with goods worth more than $1.1 billion after the ... Read more

Haas Automation is accused of violating anti-Russian sanctions

The American company Haas Automation, one of the world’s largest high precision CNC machines manufacturers, is accused of violating anti-Russian sanctions, tells PBS NewsHour channel. Haas Automation allegedly supplied equipment for Russian MIC plants through its official representative in Russia and Belarus. Among them is a RATEP factory that manufactures ... Read more

Sixth package of EU sanctions: 75% of Russia’s oil imports are banned

The European Union has finally agreed on a sixth package of sanctions against Russia. Among the most “delicious” are a partial embargo on Russian oil imports and the disconnection of Sberbank from SWIFT. The agreement was announced on Twitter by European Council President Charles Michel: “Agreement to ban export of ... Read more

Huawei suspended new orders for Russia and dismissed staff

Due to the threat of sanctions Chinese techno giant Huawei sent Russian employees on unpaid leave. It will last a minimum month. Previously, the company has suspended the implementation of new orders for Russia because of the fact that Beijing is threatened by secondary sanctions for doing business with Moscow. ... Read more

Nokia suspends work in Russia

Nokia is leaving the Russian market. The decision of the Finnish manufacturer of telecommunications equipment was announced in a press release dated April 12. The company is confident that its financial prospects will not be affected by leaving Russia.   “Over the last weeks we have suspended deliveries, stopped new ... Read more

The United States have lifted sanctions against Russian Internet services. Ukrainians in the US contributed to this

The US Treasury Department has lifted sanctions against Russian telecommunications and some Internet services. The order was published on the 7th of April. The move came in response to a request from human rights groups, who feared that Russian activists would not have access to the outside world due to sanctions. ... Read more