Galaxy A55 specifications indicate minor updates

The Samsung Galaxy A55, which is to replace the Galaxy A54, is expected to be launched in various markets in March this year. Given the relatively imminent release, insiders have begun to publish the first information about the upcoming smartphone, and has revealed its full specifications. The device is ... Read more

Health ring: Samsung has officially shown the Galaxy Ring

Samsung has officially unveiled the Galaxy Ring at MWC 2024, a new device that should help users track their physical condition and sleep more conveniently, Engadget reports. The Galaxy Ring will be available in silver, gold, and ceramic black colors and will hit the market later this year. This ring, ... Read more

Samsung presents Galaxy Fit3 fitness tracker

Samsung introduces a new fitness tracker Galaxy Fit31, equipped with advanced health monitoring technologies. The Galaxy Fit3 is 45% wider than the previous model, has an aluminum body and a 1.6-inch display. The company also claims that the tracker can work up to 13 days on a single charge. In ... Read more

One UI 6.1 will bring Galaxy AI to more Samsung devices

Samsung has said that Galaxy AI features will be available on more Galaxy devices in the One UI 6.1 update. Starting from the end of March, the update will be available on the Galaxy S23, S23 FE, Fold5, Flip5, and Tab S9 series. “Our goal with Galaxy AI is not ... Read more

The most popular smartphones of 2023 – iPhone is in the lead

7 out of 10 best-selling smartphones in 2023 were iPhones. Apple smartphones took the first 7 positions in the respective ranking. This is evidenced by the statistics of Counterpoint Research. The best-selling smartphone in 2023 was the iPhone 14. It accounted for 3.9% of all smartphones sold last year. Half ... Read more

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds headphones will receive a major update with real-time translation support

Samsung has announced a series of updates to its Galaxy Buds headphones to improve their functionality with other Samsung devices, including TVs, and add support for real-time translation when connected to Galaxy S24 smartphones. The Galaxy Buds series update will add several key features: Real-time translation: When connected to Galaxy ... Read more

Galaxy S24 Ultra review: citius, altius, fortius, AI

When choosing their next flagship, users often rely on the following “five pillars” of a quality smartphone: good materials, screen, fast platform, camera capabilities, and high battery life. If we were to evaluate the “hero” of this review, the Galaxy S24 Ultra, based on these parameters alone, we could immediately ... Read more

Samsung’s next update for Galaxy S24 promises camera and display improvements

Samsung is preparing an update for the Galaxy S24. It is planned for this month, writes Android Authority. Usually, companies release updates to a new series of their phones as soon as possible to fix the first wave of problems and bugs, but not in the case of the Galaxy ... Read more

Gorilla Glass Armor on Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra really has advantages over its predecessors. JerryRigEverything made sure

For quite a while, when the next version of a protective glass for smartphones appeared at presentations, there were a lot of promises, but in fact, the new glass was just as easily scratched as before. Skeptics might have thought the same about Gorilla Glass Armor, which is used on ... Read more

The 15 most popular phones in history: Nokia vs Apple

The website Visual Capitalist collected information about the 15 most popular phones/smartphones in history and created an infographic on the topic. As you might expect, the top 15 includes a variety of Nokia and Apple models. The first places are, of course, occupied by the bestselling Nokia 1100 (2003) and ... Read more

Google and Samsung are preparing Wear OS 5 based on Android 14 for smartwatches

Google and Samsung have been working in partnership for several years to develop an operating system for smartwatches, with the next version of Wear OS 5 due this year and based on Android 14, according to 9to5Google. The upcoming Wear OS 5 is being actively developed by Samsung for the ... Read more

Samsung may release a cheaper version of Galaxy Fold this year

Samsung plans to release a more affordable version of its foldable Galaxy Fold smartphone to have more opportunities to compete in the Chinese market. This was reported by the Korean edition of The Elec. Samsung currently ranks third in China in terms of foldable smartphone sales. Honor and Huawei offer ... Read more

The first test of the strength of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra case is quite satisfactory

Samsung’s new flagship hasn’t yet gone on sale, but that didn’t stop those who wanted to test it. The appearance of such videos was, of course, expected. And this time, there are additional reasons to watch the test footage. The first test has been published on the PBKreviews YouTube channel. ... Read more

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra vs. iPhone 15 Pro Max: a comparison of titanium flagships this time

With the release of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, the iPhone 15 Pro Max now has a relevant competitor. These two models will compete with each other the most until the fall (when we can expect an updated model from Apple), so we will traditionally take a brief look at ... Read more

Samsung may introduce paid subscription for some AI features in its smartphones

Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S24 lineup, which was unveiled this week, may introduce a paid subscription for some AI features in the future, reports ArsTechnica. According to a note printed at the bottom of the Galaxy S24’s US advertising page, AI features currently offered in the series for free will remain ... Read more

Samsung announces Galaxy Ring for health monitoring

Samsung has announced a new addition to its health and fitness devices – the Galaxy Ring. Its teaser was shown during the announcement of the Galaxy S24 line. This upcoming smart health tracker, designed to be worn on the finger, promises health tracking capabilities based on artificial intelligence technologies. However, ... Read more

Galaxy S23 FE review

The Fan Edition series, which includes the Galaxy S23 FE smartphone announced at the end of last year, is built around the idea of filling a market niche where users want a flagship-like design with most of the features, but don’t want to pay for a flagship. For several years ... Read more

IDC: global smartphone shipments in 2023 amounted to 1.17 billion units, and Apple became the market leader for the first time

Global smartphone shipments in 2023 decreased by 3.2% to 1.17 billion units compared to 2022. A year earlier, this figure reached more than 1.2 billion units. This is evidenced by the data of International Data Corporation (IDC). This is the lowest annual figure in the past ten years, largely due ... Read more

The Samsung Galaxy S24 line will receive OS updates for seven years, and AI features may eventually become paid

As early as tomorrow Samsung will officially show the updated flagship Galaxy S24 lineup, which will traditionally consist of three smartphones – Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra. And the closer we get to the event itself, the more insights we get the day before. The new details ... Read more

Samsung Galaxy S24 will receive a 10% more sensitive screen

The soon-to-be-announced Samsung Galaxy S24 smartphones may be even faster than their predecessors thanks to a new screen that will be 10% more sensitive, writes Android Central. User X told ICE UNIVERSE about possible improvements in new smartphones. In addition to making the screen feel faster when touching and scrolling, ... Read more

Samsung S95C QD-OLED TV review (QE65S95CAUXUA)

With all their great advantages, OLED panels have one rather significant drawback: their maximum brightness is noticeably lower than that of panels with additional backlighting. Samsung has solved this problem by combining two technologies: OLED panels and Quantum Dot backlighting. Today we’re going to take a look at just such ... Read more

Samsung devices will get integration with Copilot

During the CES 2024 presentation, Samsung talked about further cooperation with Microsoft, where Galaxy devices will receive integration with Copilot, and smartphones can be used as a webcam for Teams calls. The recently launched Galaxy Book4 will use Copilot to connect to smartphones. This will allow users to read and ... Read more

Samsung at CES 2024: Neo QLED, MICRO LED, OLED, Lifestyle screens and artificial intelligence

At CES 2024, Samsung presented a new line of Neo QLED, MICRO LED, OLED, and Lifestyle displays that will be the basis of the manufacturer’s lineup for this year and generally reveal the direction of TV technology development. As part of this announcement, Samsung plans to “usher in a new ... Read more

Samsung provides more tools in Galaxy Watch for health prevention and launches new partnerships

Samsung has expanded its Privileged Health Software Development Kit (SDK) program to provide a wider range of Galaxy Watch tools for health prevention and to promote healthcare innovation. The company has started a partnership with doctors, where they will be able to access patient data from their Galaxy Watch. Doctors ... Read more

With the new transparent MICRO LED display, Samsung plans to blur the lines between content and reality

On the eve of CES 2024, Samsung introduced a new Transparent MICRO LED display technology. This development offers a glass-like screen that promises to change the way users interact with visual content. The transparent MICRO LED display is the result of six years of research and development at Samsung, and ... Read more