Russian hackers

Russian hackers launch a new attack on Ukraine that has spread around the world

Hackers from the Russian group Gamaredon, known for its cyberattacks on Ukraine and cooperation with Russian services, have begun distributing new malware via USB. The new attack was discovered by researchers from Check Point Research. Known as LittleDrifter, the new malware, like all previous cyberattacks by Gamaredon, is aimed at ... Read more

Russian Sandworm hackers disrupted power supply in Ukraine in 2022

Last year’s power outages in Ukraine were caused not only by missile attacks, but also by what appears to be a coordinated cyberattack on one of the energy facilities. This was reported by analysts at Mandiant, a Google company, according to The Register. It refers to the events in Ukraine ... Read more

Pro-Russian hackers Winter Vivern attack mailboxes of government agencies in Europe

The pro-Russian and Belarusian hacker group Winter Vivern exploits a zero-day vulnerability in common webmail software in attacks on government agencies and think tanks in Europe. This was stated by researchers at ESET, a security company, according to Ars Technica. The previously unknown vulnerability has the identifier CVE-2023-5631 and is ... Read more

Russia targets Android devices of the Ukrainian military using Infamous Chisel malware

A Russian intelligence unit is attacking Ukrainians’ Android devices using malware called Infamous Chisel. Its goal is to steal critical information. This was reported by Western intelligence agencies, according to Ars Technica. Infamous Chisel is a set of components that provides constant access to an infected Android device via the ... Read more

Russian hackers lured employees of embassies in Ukraine with an announcement about the sale of a used BMW

Hackers suspected of working for russian foreign intelligence have targeted dozens of diplomats at embassies in Ukraine with a fake used car sales ad in an attempt to hack into their computers. This is reported by Reuters. The corresponding information is presented in the report of the analysts of the ... Read more

Microsoft linked the hacking attacks to a new group of russia’s Main Intelligence Directorate

Since April 2023, Microsoft has linked a threat group it tracked as Cadet Blizzard to the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the russian Armed Forces (also known as the GRU). This is reported by Bleeping Computer. The company had previously linked the hacking group to the WhisperGate data ... Read more