G5 Games studio to resume work in Russia

G5 Games, a gaming company with 364 employees in Ukraine, resumes operations in the Russian market, reports Gamedev.DOU. Gamedev.DOU got access to a letter sent by the company’s CEO Vlad Suglobov to employees: “A year and a half ago, we disabled updates and downloads of our games in Russia. The ... Read more

Russian games kill Ukrainians

The words in the headline are not a figure of speech, but, unfortunately, a harsh reality. Russian games and Russian game developers are helping to kill Ukrainians. And those C-300 missiles that hit the Nova Poshta terminal in Kharkiv on October 21, 2023, killing 6 people, have a share of ... Read more

Apple is not buying titanium from Russia for the new iPhone 15 Pro

One of the updates to this year’s flagships from Apple was the replacement of the chassis materials of the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max from steel to titanium. Of course, this implies that the company has to buy materials somewhere, and in large quantities, since the Pro ... Read more

The Russian trace in “suspicious” edits in Wikipedia has been exposed

The study, published on Monday, October 17, revealed a network of shadow Wikipedia editors who try to influence the narrative of the Russian-Ukrainian war by making changes to articles on the site. The study doesn’t point the finger at the Russian government, but it does find plenty of cause for ... Read more

Microsoft restricted Windows 11 update for Russians

This was reported by with a link to Izvestia and TASS. Yes, Russian users are currently unable to upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11 via Windows Update — instead, the system redirects them to the official Microsoft site, where when they try to download the update, a blank page ... Read more

Space race 2.0: winners and losers (in memory of Rogozin)

To remember Dmitry Rogozin, the “talented” head of the Soviet Russian space industry, who is famous for screwing up tweeting a lot, let’s see who is really dominating space now. And the infographic from the site Visual Capitalist will help us in this. Since the beginning of the space age, ... Read more

Russian spy satellite Cosmos-2555, launched on April 29, 2022, is burning in the atmosphere

Cosmos-2555 optical reconnaissance satellite, launched with fanfare from the Plesetsk cosmodrome with the help of a new Angara 1.2 light launch vehicle, “decorated” with the ruscist symbol Z, on April 29, 2022, will burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere today. Russia, as usual, reported on the successful launch of the ... Read more