Repair of equipment

Self-repair of Apple equipment will be available to customers everywhere in the US

Apple is expanding its commitment to provide the parts, tools, and information needed to repair its products on their own. The manufacturer made the announcement during an event at the White House, writes The Verge. Apple is already obliged to provide these materials in California, where the relevant legislation has ... Read more

In California, the right to repair equipment has become law. What does this mean for manufacturers?

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed the Right to Repair Act into law. This will make it easier for equipment owners to repair their devices themselves or send them to independent workshops, writes The Verge. Manufacturers now have to provide the appropriate tools, parts, software, and documentation for seven years after ... Read more

More than 80% of Lenovo laptops should be fully repairable by 2025

Lenovo predicts that by 2025, more than 80% of laptops and spare parts will be repairable. This was stated by Luca Rossi, Senior Vice President and President of the Intelligent Devices Group, during Canalys EMEA 2023, writes The Register. According to him, the possibility of repair will reduce the environmental ... Read more

Logitech has announced a partnership with iFixit to allow users to fix the company’s devices themselves

Logitech and iFixit announced the launch of a collaboration to reduce e-waste and encourage customers to self-repair Logitech devices that fail after the warranty period has expired. The initiative provides spare parts, batteries and step-by-step repair instructions for selected Logitech products. Program components will be centralized in the iFixit Logitech ... Read more